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How to declutter before a sale

How to declutter before a sale


By: Tanya Torres

People often think that selling their home should be fast and easy, but when a home has been on the market with nothing but showings and no offers being made then something must be up. It may not be the house itself that is preventing the potential buyers from making an offer. But it also can be many things, from the aesthetic of the house to the pictures of your lives on the walls that could be making it harder for these people from seeing a life there. Whatever it may be, we have some tips to revamp your old home and make it appealing to your potential buyers. 

Remove personal items

By removing all of your personal items such as family photos, unique decor and knick-knacks, you are allowing the buyer to picture living at the home. When your personal belongings are still cluttered around your home then it makes it both difficult for anyone to imagine it as their own and it makes them feel more like a guest rather than give that feeling of being home. 

Worn furniture and any excess of it needs to go 

You will need to give your old futon from college the boot along with any other pieces of furniture that makes your home look and feel small. It’s important to remove any worn items from your home when it is being shown to potential buyers. By removing banged up furniture that looks like it could tell a story, it will ensure the buyer doesn’t question whether your home was taken care of by the looks of these beat up items. It is also crucial to remove enough furniture so the house doesn’t look overcrowded and small. It’s important because the buyer will be picturing how they could fill up the room with their belongings and they won’t be able to do that if all they can see is your stuff.

Have a garage sale or give it away

After you go through your house, you will be reminiscing about the past and what your belongings from over the years meant to you. However, you don’t want to spend too much time feeling nostalgic when you need to get your stuff out fast. You can either keep it and waste lots of money

 if you do keep them and then forget about them after you store them away or you can get rid of them now.

Start thinking about when the last time you used the item and if you haven’t used it in the past 3-6 months or even a year then get rid of it. Put on a garage sale or several sales if you want and get rid of old clothes, toys, furniture, books and more. Sift through your junk drawer and start telling yourself “I probably won’t use this” just to make it so much easier to get rid of these items. 

If you’re still having difficulty letting go of most of your items then get some inspiration from Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix. Be sure to decluttering everywhere, tables, counters, medicine cabinets, kitchen drawers, closets, shelves, the garage and attic. When it comes to selling your home, you have to be at your top game and let go of your past cluttering your life to free up your future. 


Brian Burds

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