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Why Staging Your Home Could Help Sell It

By: Tanya Torres   Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash   When you first learn about staging a home, you might assume that your home needs to look expensive and a certain way that oozes elegance. You might even be thinking about those fancy houses you have seen on shows like Love it or List […]

What To Do When Your House is Not Selling 

What To Do When Your House is Not Selling 

You’ve done some renovations, cleaned up the yard, spruced up the curb appeal, maybe you even invested in some staging furniture, and yet, for some reason, your home continues to sit on the market with no viable buyers. Perhaps you chose to do a For Sale By Owner or you recruited the services of a […]

Guide to Homeownership

By: Tanya Torres   Buying a home can make you feel all kinds of emotions from joy to frustration. However, owning a home is a milestone that everyone wants for themselves at one time or another. After you finally complete the mounds of paperwork that comes with buying a home and finish unpacking the last […]

How to Cut Years Off the Life of Your Loan

There’s a simple trick that you can use to cut down the life of your mortgage, and today I’ll share the secret. Suppose you have a $150,000 mortgage with a 3% interest rate. For 30 years, your monthly payment will be around $630. However, if you add an extra $100 to your payment every month, […]

Guiding Rental Property Owners During Tough Times

By: Rob Carrillo As property managers, we are basically the boots on the ground for our rental property owners. We communicate and engage with their tenants all while making sure federal, state and local laws and regulations are followed. ​Property managers​ are showing the properties, executing the leases, coordinating maintenance and collecting rents. But even […]

Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

By: Tanya Torres Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash With summer approaching El Paso, we want our homes looking their best and that means breaking out the lawnmower to clean up our yards. As we have learned from tips on selling our homes, our lawns have an important role for us and that is attracting […]