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How to Deal with the Eyesore Next Door

By: Tanya Torres   You have been preparing your home for months to get it ready to be put on the market. Everything on your checklist has been checked off and you can proudly say that you are complete with all the repairs and tasks that you needed to complete before selling it. Although you […]

Home Buying Tips for 20-year-olds

By: Tanya Torres If you have been considering buying a home and you feel it is the right time to do so then there should not be anything stopping you. However, if you are looking at homes and you are in your twenties then you might come across people who will most likely try to […]

Should I Buy a Home with a Big Backyard?

By: Tanya Torres If you are thinking about purchasing a home, you might already have an idea of what kind of home you want for yourself and your family. You might have been dreaming about the perfect home for yourself for a while now and you can picture it right down to the mailbox in […]

How to Make Your Open House Stand Out

By: Tanya Torres   Photo by Should Wang on Unsplash   When you are selling your home, you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you are making your money back plus interest after everything you put into your home. One of the ways to help you sell your home is having an open […]

What You Need to Know About Buying During a Recession

Image via Pexels By: Suzie Wilson What You Need to Know About Buying During a Recession Most experts think the economy is in the early stages of recession. Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to put your home buying or selling plans on hiatus. Unlike our last economic downturn, 2020 will most likely […]

Q: Which Items Stay With the Property After the Home Sale?

Q: Which Items Stay With the Property After the Home Sale?

There are certain items in your home that stay with the property after the sale—unless specifically excluded. So you’ve gotten through the sale of your property and negotiated the terms, resources, price, etc. Congratulations! Now, however, you need to determine what gets transferred with the property. Which items stay with the property after the sale […]

Pros and Cons of an Open House

By: Tanya Torres Selling your home and preparing to pack up all of your belongings while trying to make back most of your money can make anyone feel anxious and stressed out. It is a lot of work to take on even if you have hired help to do so because you still have a […]

El Paso Real Estate Thrives Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Tanya Torres El Paso Real Estate Thrives Despite COVID-19 Pandemic   The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of civilization as we know it to halt. Although the virus has made us put our normal lives on hold due to the lockdowns that we faced, it has also made us adapt to this new […]

Why You Should Choose The Brian Burds Home Selling Team

By: Tanya Torres   Finding the right person to work with when it comes to selling or purchasing a home is important because it reduces the work that you will have to deal with on your own. A real estate agency deals with these types of scenarios on a daily basis which is why it […]

What Happens During a Home Inspection

By: Tanya Torres   Photo by Gus Ruballo on Unsplash   Buying a home is an important purchase in your life no matter if it is your first home or your fifth. Being aware of what you are investing in is extremely crucial especially when it costs you more than a pretty penny which is […]