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Purchasing Land to Build a House

If you’ve got a vision and a mission, then purchasing a vacant lot may be the best way for you to make your dream home a reality. Whether the current properties on the market don’t fit your style or aren’t up to functionality, buying land gives you the opportunity to start from the ground up. […]

Fireproofing Your House 101

Whether you see a whirring fire truck pass you by or turn on the news and hear about the latest burn victim, you might think that a fire accident can never happen to you. However, with more than 358,500 house fires occurring every year, there’s no guarantee that an incident can’t impact your family. What you […]

How is Technology Impacting Real Estate?

From the phones we carry around in our back pocket to the laptops that we stare at for hours on end, working with technology has been an ever-present part of our lives. As time moves on, it can certainly seem like it’s increasingly harder to keep up with all the technological innovations that take place. […]

Selling Your Home? What to do with Your Pets Before Showings

It can almost be impossible to find someone who doesn’t love pets. After all, who can’t help but adore that dog or cat that you own? However, when it comes to selling your home, pets and perfectly staged houses don’t really mix. Even if you’ve gotten used to that strong stench of litter odor and try […]