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Sell Your Home Using This Checklist

After you purchase your first home, it’s probably a big sigh of relief knowing that you did okay. You’ve learned the ins and outs of the buying side and figured out everything you need to know about negotiation and mortgages. Even though that’s just scratching the surface. However, lots of Americans do come to a […]

The Hidden Costs of Buying a House

It’s common to spend your precious free hours learning about the ins and outs of buying a house. We know how exciting it could be because it’s a meaningful milestone in your life, and one you should celebrate. At the same time, buying a home is an anxiety-riddled process with lots of transactions happening in […]

Home Ownership Tax Advantages

We can’t ignore the fact that paying taxes is a burden. It’s an obligation for homebuyers in America and one of the many challenges of having your own home. However, paying taxes shouldn’t steer you away from owning a home. In fact, the real estate industry regularly crosses with politics and solutions are made.  Homeowners […]

Considering Redfin to Sell Your Home? A Realtor is a Better Option

Redfin is a go-to choice for many Americans when they are searching for a home. It’s a low commission real estate company that stretches across the country. The affordability of Redin is attractive because there’s already a bunch of costs associated with selling a home. However, you should be aware of the tradeoffs if you […]

Why Did Zillow Lose Half A Billion Dollars?

Why Did Zillow Lose Half A Billion Dollars?

 Here is what Zillow’s recent business failure means for you. Recently, there’s been some pretty big news in the real estate world. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, one of the biggest real estate companies in the world, Zillow, just announced that they will no longer be purchasing homes. Why didn’t this […]

Why You Should House Hack in El Paso

Are we in arguably the most competitive real estate market the United States has ever seen? Absolutely we are. El Paso, Texas is no different from the rest of the country facing challenges with housing affordability. While you may have a desire to be a homeowner, you probably already know that you have your work […]