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Addressing Common Questions About Selling Your Home 

Addressing Common Questions About Selling Your Home 

Just like buying a home, the process of selling a home carries many unknowns. The real estate market is not black and white, as so much of the industry depends on a variety of factors that are always changing and fluctuating. The national markets, local markets, interest rates, schools, crime rates, all affect real estate prices and sales on any given day. For people looking to sell their homes, this creates a lot of uncertainty about the right time, the right price, and even the right amount of renovation that should be done. As your expert home selling team, we thought we’d take a look at some common questions about selling your home and addressing some of the most important aspects to consider.

Selling your home is just as much a personal decision as it is a financial one. The decision might be prompted by a change in your job, school, family size, or simply a need for a new location. You might be also looking to collect the funds in order to downsize and buy a new property, pay back other debts, etc.  

Everyone tells me to do my research, but how do I know I have the best information?

This is a good question. Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether you have all the right information to make the decision about selling or even price range. You can do a certain amount of research on your own. If you’ve lived in your home for a couple of years, then you have a pretty good idea about the markets there and if the area has gone up in value or gone down in value. Have there been any major changes in your neighborhood? Is there development? Population growth?

A real estate expert can give you good advice on the time to sell your home based on inside information. Your real estate selling agent can provide you with recent housing activity in your area in order to get accurate numbers about the selling price and more. 

What is the five-year rule? And should I wait to sell my home before that?

You may have heard talk about the five-year rule in real estate. This rule basically says that you should own your home for five years before you consider selling it. This is because it is at about the five-year mark that the market might appreciate doubling digits and you can recoup some of your purchasing costs. So many people recommend waiting that amount of time to ensure you don’t take a big loss on the house, especially if you have repairs and renovation costs. And yet, if you are forced to sell your home or find yourself in a situation where you need to sell for some personal or financial reason, it is still possible to make a profit if done correctly and approached in the right way. 

As an expert home selling team, we have helped people sell their homes while minimizing the loss to them, even if it’s before this five-year mark.

How do I know how much renovation is needed to sell my home? 

Whether you have owned your home for ten years or twenty, you’ve more than likely had to do some repairs and renovations in your time there. Because home trends and homebuyer demands are always changing, certain renovations can become an attractive selling point that increases value. Repairs are a different story and those are largely decided by regulation and inspections. Doing renovations, however, might be a good idea. 

So how much do you actually need to do to ensure a quick and effective sale without spending too much money upfront? Well, a lot of it depends on your home and how your home lines up with current trends of what people are looking for. A real estate expert can help you look at your many options and what might be some worthy renovations. A good paint job, maybe a quick bathroom remodel, or cabinet replacement, can really change the whole landscape and give you a boost in terms of the asking price. 

How do I make sure my home is receiving as much exposure as it needs to sell fast?

Posting your home in the leading home selling websites like, Trulia, and Zillow is a must, but that’s not all that needs to be done. Targeting the right buyers market and audience has a lot to do with getting a home off the market quickly. In the world of social media, exposure has certainly become easier than in years past. And yet, posting your home for sale on your personal social media doesn’t exactly guarantee that the best audience is looking at that. 

Posting it with the right leads and having access to a demanding buyer’s market is a great way to ensure your home is being seen by the right people and that it’s getting the right type of exposure. 

Sell Your Home Fast With An Expert Team

Whether you have been in your home for four years or ten, selling it is possible with the right strategy, information, and leads. Here at Brian Burds Home Selling Team, we specialize in putting homes on the market and selling them quickly at the right price. Forget having to take just any offer; sell your home for what it’s worth!



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