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Buying a House Without the Hassle


a man with his arm outstretched buying a house Are you considering buying a house? Whether you recently got married and decided it is time to settle down or just finally got tired of your one bedroom apartment, the home buying process can be exciting and stressful at the same time. While shopping for homes is definitely fun, first time home buyers have to navigate through many complexities that they have never faced before. Luckily, the Brian Burds Home Selling Team helps countless people through the home shopping process, and first time home buyers can benefit from their wisdom and expertise.

5 Tips for Smoothing Out the Home Shopping Process

Whatever the reason you are considering buying a new house, here are a few real estate agent approved tips that will help smooth out the process.

  • Perfect Timing Doesn’t Exist

    • If you are waiting for the perfect time to buy a house, you are probably going to be disappointed. The housing market wavers at a remarkably fast rate, and what goes up will eventually come down (and vise versa). Accordingly, the perfect time for you to buy a new house is when you need it and can afford it! A real estate agent will help you work within your budget to find a home that fits your timing and financial circumstances.
  • Don’t Forget to Budget for Extra Expenses

    • When building a budget for your new home, there are several factors that you will want to consider. Beyond your monthly payment, interest, insurance, and taxes, you should also consider maintenance and utility costs. Check with the neighborhood’s Homeowners Association, as well, to find out about extra fees and regulations.
  • Make a Checklist

    • When you think of your dream home, what elements come to mind? Do you need a backyard for you dog? Is a spare bedroom important to you? Do you really need a pool, or is that optional? By making a checklist and editing it afterword, you will be able to process what things you are willing to compromise on and identify which items on your list are non negotiable.
  • Scope Out the Neighborhood

    • Is the house you are considering in a neighborhood primarily full of singles? Dog owners? Young families with little children? It is important to research neighborhood demographics and determine whether you like the environment before buying a house. You also may want to consider the ascetics of the neighborhood. Not only will neighborhood ascetics affect the future value of your home, but they will also affect how much you enjoy your house.
  • Try it On for Size

    • You wouldn’t buy an expensive pair of designer jeans without trying them on first, would you? Risk taking may be okay for buying clothes, but it probably isn’t a good idea when making a decision about buying a house. Go on a walk through of every house that you are seriously considering buying, and try it on for size by imagining your life there! If you can’t picture it, you probably shouldn’t take the leap. There will be another home out there for you. It is also recommended that you hire a home inspector before signing on the dotted line. Home inspectors are experts at catching problems, and hiring one could save you money in the long run.

Buying a House is Easier with a Real Estate Agent

Between property visits, paperwork, and banking negotiations, buying a house can definitely be demanding of time and resources. Somewhere during the process, however, prospective homeowners are able to start imagining themselves thriving in their new place of residence. With the help of an experienced real estate agent like Brian Burds, prospective homeowners can navigate the process smoothly and turn from house shoppers to homeowners in no time at all. Contact The Brian Burds Home Selling Team today for more information.




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