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Can I still buy a El Paso Home in 2017

So as the new year looms we all ask ourselves the question can we still buy a home in 2017 and the answer is enthusiastically yes. Keep in mind that a couple variables have to come into play to make sure that we can get that closing date before January 31. But with the right team behind you and the right team working for you we can definitely make it happen.

Real estate is plagued by dates; people tend to follow deadlines that are set at the beginning of the contract. As your El Paso Real Estate professionals my team make sure to set those deadlines accordingly to meet your anticipated closing date. Most Realtors let the these dates be set by the other professionals in the transaction which means they define the closing date to save face and they tend to be more liberal with their time table. Conversely my team is trying to impress so we push to beat the time line that you set .

Now hard money and Cash transactions can normally close within 7-10 days but when it comes to financing the fastest with realism still in play is 15 days . Using those guidelines don’t wait until the last moment but I am sure we will over achieve if you need that home before the ball drops on 2017.

Call us today identify the opportunity that The Brian Burds Home Selling Team can leverage for you in all your El Paso Real Estate needs. Brian is Proud to say that he is the number one Resale Agent in El Paso and give 99% of that credit to his very effective team of professionals.


Brian Burds

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