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What To Do When Your House is Not Selling 

What To Do When Your House is Not Selling 

You’ve done some renovations, cleaned up the yard, spruced up the curb appeal, maybe you even invested in some staging furniture, and yet, for some reason, your home continues to sit on the market with no viable buyers. Perhaps you chose to do a For Sale By Owner or you recruited the services of a […]

Why You Should Always Let A Home Seller Sell Your Home

We outgrow everything, even our homes. If it’s time to move into a new place, you need to make sure you deal with your previous abode accordingly. Some people decide to rent out their home, which allows for some steady income over time. Others decide to sell their home in order to have more funds […]

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate agent as a Home Seller

Many people believe that hiring a real estate agent as a home seller is both expensive and not necessary. However, a great one more than makes up for the commission they charge through the services they provide. These include pricing the house appropriately and working in the seller’s best interest. And while a real estate […]