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Don’t spend any more money on Rent in El Paso. 

Don’t spend any more money on Rent in El Paso. 

Don’t spend any more money on Rent in El Paso. The El Paso Real Estate Market is so unique in the fact that we dont see very high appreciations in value but do to high volume in Military Movement and base housing allotment our Rents are consistently moving up. This mean that a normal military […]

What Is an El Paso Listing Agent?

An El Paso listing agent is a person who lists your home for sale. Only a licensed real estate agent can be a listing agent. Some agents will serve as both listing agents and as buyer’s agents. Others only work as listing agents and only represent home sellers. If you want to find a listing […]

How to Get Ready to Sell Your House

If you are getting ready to sell your house, you need to find a real estate agent. You also need to take steps to make sure your home is looking its best.  You want your house to sell quickly and for a good price. So, you should strongly consider doing a few simple things to make […]

How Can A Real Estate Agent Help Me?

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home but the idea of real estate frightens you, a real estate agent is your best bet. The Brian Burds Home Selling Team makes the selling process fast and easy. So, all preconceived notions of real estate and home selling will fade away. With the help of a […]