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What Are Home Inspections?

 What you need to know about inspections before you buy. Today I want to go over three points about home inspections. First, what are inspections? Next, should you get an inspection? Finally, what should you do after your inspection? Let’s get into it. So what is a home inspection? It’s when a third party […]

Discussing Inflation & The Market

Discussing Inflation & The Market

 Today we’re discussing why inflation is on the rise and why it matters. What is going on with inflation in our economy? How does inflation affect the real estate market? Today I’ll answer these questions and share a couple of resources you can use to stay up to date on inflation rates and the […]

Why We Shouldn’t Worry About Foreclosures

There are three main reasons we don’t have to worry about foreclosures. Are we in a bubble? What will foreclosures do to our market? I’m sure this is on the top of everyone’s minds right now. So let’s have a discussion about it. I honestly believe that foreclosures will not be that big of a […]

Summer 2021 El Paso Market Update

 An update on what’s going on in our El Paso real estate market.  Economists are saying that the double-digit appreciation that we’ve seen over the last two years will not continue throughout the next year, but that it will level out before transitioning into a traditional market. Values will stay high, but it will […]

Use Absorption Rates to Improve Your Business

Use Absorption Rates to Improve Your Business

 Here’s how absorption rates are calculated and why they’re important.  Today I’m talking about how the absorption rate affects your CMA in the evaluation of the listing you’re taking. In the listing that you’re taking, you’re always looking at the supply and demand for it. If you have a very high supply and very […]