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Checking Your Home’s Exterior as the Weather Gets Colder

Checking Your Home’s Exterior as the Weather Gets Colder

By: Tanya Torres

Photo Credit: Amy Proctor


Although the changing season is upon El Paso, TX, it does not mean that you will actually get to feel these changes for the entire day in the Sun City. Living in El Paso, you get used to wearing summer clothes about 95% of the time and regretting your decision to bring a sweater to school, work and so on. However, it is still important to continue to prepare your own home for the changing of seasons to ensure that it is well-taken care of when our bipolar weather decides to bring us the small amount of cold days or even weeks/months in the future.


Roof Check

A damaged roof can cost you quite a bit of money if you don’t take care of it as soon as you see that there is damage that needs to be fixed. By going outside and looking for damaged, loose or missing shingles, it will help you tremendously especially with any leaks that could occur due to the damaged roof. It is also recommended to rake or blow off any leaves and pin needles.


Caulk Around Windows and Doors

If you notice any gaps during your check around your windows and doors, it is important to reapply caulk around them especially if the gap is as wide as a nickel. By doing this, you are protecting your home from any elements that could come into your home that would have been prevented had you checked to see if you needed to reapply caulk. Although it is not necessary to remove old caulk, it is important to clean the surface before applying caulk to the area. If the surface is not clean then it will continue to crack and split. 


Seal Hard Surfaces

Concrete patios, walkways and driveways might not be on the top of your priority list and you might be surprised that they need attention too, but it is important to check them for damage or cracks. By ensuring that these areas are well protected, it can potentially help you avoid any water damage and spending money on something that could have been prevented. If you do stumble across any cracks, all you have to do is apply concrete sealer to your exterior concrete surfaces. This will also guarantee that these surfaces will last a long time.


Clean Your Gutters

When you see the leaves falling off the trees, the only thing that comes to mind is how fall and winter are finally approaching our city. However, this is also the time when you need to think about cleaning your gutters from any backup or overflow of leaves. When this happens, it can cause water to run down your home which speeds up the deterioration of the foundation, exterior. It can also cause it to settle in your concrete and walkways, leading to more of a mess than what you found in your gutters. 


Check Drainage

It is important to check your drainage system because a water runoff could potentially cause problems with your foundation during wintertime. Not only would it damage the foundation of your home with cracks, but it could cause any wood to rot and structure could be even more damaged. By checking your drainage, you can prevent these problems and having to deal with any mold growth from happening throughout the structure and causing problems to you and anyone else’s home. Another reason to check your drainage is to prevent any standing water from freezing up and creating ice patches which could lead to a lawsuit if someone were to fall as a result of it. 


Prepare Your Lawn

If you are struggling to get your lawn green during the spring and summertime then you might not be preparing it for the springtime. In order to have your lawn growing new beautiful grass, you need to care for it in September, October, April and May. This is the best time to care for your lawn since it is absorbing energy, moisture and nutrients to prepare for the cold days/months ahead. Be sure to aerate your lawn and overseed it during the fall season (September, & October) and then you can apply winter fertilizer in November.


Brian Burds

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