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Considering Redfin to Sell Your Home? A Realtor is a Better Option

Redfin is a go-to choice for many Americans when they are searching for a home. It’s a low commission real estate company that stretches across the country. The affordability of Redin is attractive because there’s already a bunch of costs associated with selling a home. However, you should be aware of the tradeoffs if you use a massive service like this. 

While you should definitely weigh out all of your options, a traditional realtor might still be the way to go. There’s likely a handful of options of competition to choose from if you go the traditional route. Here’s why a realtor is the better option if you’re considering using Redfin to sell your home.

How Much People Save with Redfin

The affordability with Redfin is probably your biggest advantage. Full-service agents likely can’t compete with Redfin commission rates. The national average is around 6% when you use a traditional realtor. Redfin gets a 3% commission that you split a portion with. They accomplish this by paying their agents a flat rate rather than variable percentage.

Popularity isn’t Always a Good Sign

Redfin has an abundance of customers and sure, plenty of them have a positive experience. However, their ability to juggle lots of customers at once often leaves agents overwhelmed with their hands tied. By choosing the most popular choice, keep in mind that you won’t be the only customer. This could lead to an unpersonalized experience or even communication mishaps in the home selling process. Traditional real estate agents sell your home with predictability and keep things transparent with you the whole time.


Communication is absolutely crucial when you partner with a real estate agent. If you can’t find somebody who aligns with your schedule or preferred method of contact, it’s going to be a mess. When you go through a large company like Redfin, it could be a good or bad experience. The truth is, you just don’t know. It’s uncertain if the automated Redfin is going to send you a great match or not. 

Some Redfin agents may be busier than others. There’s not much room to interview each agent and find out if they fit within your preferences. Since lots of agentstreat real estate as a side job, they may have other obligations. 

With a traditional agent, you know what you’re getting. Once you interview candidates, you can find somebody who knows when to call, text, or email you. You can clarify when their busiest times are compared to when they are most free. Traditional real estate agents have an incentive to help you sell your home the way you want to more than anything. Their reputation along with their firm is on the line. Word of mouth matters to traditional agencies! 

Incentives and Intention

While the cheaper option is considerable, think about the intention behind making a service affordable. A Redfin agent has a flat rate commission. Will they likely be grinding out late nights with you? The chances are slim because they don’t have any incentive to. 

A traditional agent gets a percentage depending on the value of your home. In order to get the most commission, they sweat out the hard work with you. More marketability means more bids. More bids leads to much more competitive offers. Ultimately, selling your home for the maximum value is an important part of the process. Think about the incentive and intention you’ll be getting as you search for a real estate agent. 


Redfin offers agents that have to wear lots of hats. They have to appeal to the maximum number of clients possible. Some Redfin agents that you work with may not even know your neighborhood that well. While a generalist is beneficial in some ways, they aren’t a true expert in any specific field. There isn’t much room for personalization working with you. 

Traditional agents prove their expertise in your specific area when you meet with them for the first time. You have the freedom to ask away questions and figure out which one fits with your criteria. Each individual agent has unique sets of skills, experience, and personality. While the firm won’t make or break your deal, an individual agent will. 

Instead use the resources around you. Find at least three or four competitors in the area and talk to them. Ask friends for references and see if they have any good leads on real estate agents. It’s all about finding a great fit who’s going to give you a personalized experience.


Something that you get with a rock-solid traditional real estate agent, is a long-lasting relationship. Selling your home doesn’t mean this is the end of the road with your real estate agent. Lots of firms offer additional services that help guide you once you find your new home. For example, some great realtors offer home concierge services to you. 

They help you make renovations and handle project management. Real estate agents also have relationships with lots of real estate professionals. Outside of selling your home, you can get references for contractors, appraisers, and other powerful real estate specialists. 

Realtors for the Win

A reputable realtor can give you an experience of a lifetime. They personalize your home selling process and have fantastic communication. You can’t compete with a realtor that is a true expert in a specific location. They know how to sell, and reduce your headaches during an already hectic time. Keep all of your options open, and find a realtor determined to help you win!


Brian Burds

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