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DIY Repairs You Can’t Tackle on Your Own

DIY Repairs You Can’t Tackle on Your Own

By: Tanya Torres


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


When we run across problems in our home or in anything else, the first thing we do about it is try to fix it ourselves. Although sometimes this is the best solution for us financially, if we are not fully knowledgeable in whatever is broken or needs repairs then it is best not to attempt to fix it. We might want to save some money here and there and looking up YouTube videos on a fast and easy solution can be addicting, especially when the holidays are coming around and we don’t want to use our holiday money to fix something that we think we can fix. However, there are some things that we should not even attempt to fix ourselves. If we decide on going the DIY route just to avoid spending a lot of money then you are risking more than what you are trying to save. You are risking your home, your life and your family’s lives and even more money trying to repair what your DIY solution could not repair. 


Electrical Work

Although most people can easily fix a light switch, it is always important to steer away from doing your own repairs on anything that involves electrical work. Dealing with electrical work is not only dangerous for yourself by electrocuting yourself, but you could also burn down your home if you do not repair it correctly. If your latest DIY project has you working with the electrical box then it is advised to stay away from doing any repairs because any wire that is placed incorrectly can become a fire hazard. Any DIY repairs needing to be done that deals with outdoor lines should not be worked on either unless you are a professional. 


Hiring a professional will not only make your life easier and your home safer, but the technician will also see if everything is up to code. If you are interested in selling your home, then this is another box to check off the many things you need to do to be market ready. A paper trail is always important no matter if you are selling your home, or if you are not.



Another DIY repair to avoid is plumbing because it can become extremely complicated and leave you drowning. You may think that you can handle it because you have dealt with fixing a leaky faucet or unclogging a drain, but other repairs can become really complicated. These types of repairs are always better dealt with by a professional, not a DIY fixer. You may think you can handle the repair, but if you mess up then you won’t just have to pay a plumber to fix your repair for an hour anymore. You will have to pay them to fix your mess by uninstalling what you put on, fixing it and reinstalling the part. This will eventually become more than an hour’s work. So you could have initially paid once for maybe an hour, or you can be stubborn and call a plumber to fix your problems and pay them more. 



If you like risky tasks that may lead to you falling and potentially hurting yourself really badly then fixing a roof may be something ideal for you. But if you are interested in staying on the ground and not hurting yourself then don’t even consider working on that DIY roof project. If you are not careful enough then you could possibly fall due to the ladder or a shingle that isn’t on the roof correctly. 


Having your roof fixed by a professional can make your life easier since roofing companies offer warranties up to 20 years. This will make your house even more marketable if you are thinking of selling it. Most buyers want to avoid spending on additional costs and repairs which is why not doing your own DIY repair or hiring a friend or neighbor to fix it for you should be less appealing to you. You want to sell your home fast and for the most money and this could cost you if you do not work with a roofing company who are insured, licensed and have a great reputation that guarantees great work. 


Gas Lines

This is another one of your DIY repairs that you should not even think about working on yourself. Attempting to fix a gas line or a gas appliance on your own will increase your chances of dealing with a gas leak. If this happens then it can be lethal because it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and putting yourself and your loved ones at risk just to save a few bucks is not worth it. Another consequence that could occur for doing a DIY repair is having natural gas leak into a closed area. If this does happen then anything can set it off and cause a fire explosion so that means even something as small as turning on a light switch or using your phone can set it off. 


If you do a gas repair and smell an odor of rotten eggs which is similar to natural gas then it is crucial to leave your home at once and call for help. To avoid dealing with such a horrible problem, you can contact a licensed plumber who can easily fixing gas lines and ensuring they are leak-proof. 


Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are not an easy fix where you can add some solution to them and it can be resolved like that. Cracks in the wall, floor, uneven flooring and so on will have to be repaired by a licensed professional who deals with foundation repairs. This repair project cannot be tasked to just anyone and your cousin’s friend’s husband will not be the solution if they do not have the credentials to back up their work. In these tasks, a DIY repair should not even cross your mind as a solution, because to fix such repairs might have to be with equipment that can move the earth around the home, jackhammers and so on. Hiring a professional who deals with this will also help when it comes to selling your home since these companies offer transferable warranties. 


Brian Burds

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