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El Paso Local Builders

El Paso Local Builders

By: Tanya Torres

If you’re interested in having one of the many great builders in El Paso build your dream home then we have a list crates just for you. These builders build all around the Sun City and can even build homes outside of the city. There are plenty of perks that come with each of them, now it’s just up to you to decide which is the right fit for you and your family. 

Tropicana Homes has been around since the 1950s and continues to help families all over El Paso with their affordable and high quality homes. Tropicana currently has about 11 communities throughout El Paso city which include Socorro, Clint and Horizon. If you’re renting from a Tropicana apartment complex then you have more of an incentive to look at Tropicana homes with their no lease early release fees, free credit repair assistance, one-on-one guidance through the Homebuying process including information on available zero-down payment assistance programs, no closing costs, etc.

Classic American Homes has been building homes since 1988. When they first began building homes, their goal was only to be the best and they still continue to provide El Paso with quality homes. It has been over 30 years and they have built over 9,000 homes for the residents of El Paso. The best thing about Classic American Homes is that their customers are not stuck with one type of home at an out of reach price. They offer numerous floor plans in various sizes, price ranges and features.

Maravilla Homes has been helping El Paso homeowners for over 25 years with in-home construction, home remodeling along with offering the best customer service available. Although they currently only have three building locations (Northwest El Paso, Socorro & Horizon), they will be expanding to Las Cruces, New Mexico in the near future. Not only do they provide a wide range of open floor plans designs (traditional & modern), they offer quality craftsmanship and take care of their clients for a stress free and easy experience. 

Padilla Homes began in 1986 and providing El Paso and the Southwest region with high-quality homes while offering a two year warranty on all major systems in the home, top-grade construction, the best upgrades, a team of architects, contractors and design experts and so on. The best part of working with Padilla Homes for your dream home is the fact that you will not be limited to a small amount of locations where your home can be built. Padilla Homes is able to build anywhere in the Southwest region; Sunland Park, Canutillo, Anthony, Socorro and even Ruidosos, New Mexico and more.

Palo Verde Homes is a locally owned custom homebuilder that works in both El Paso, TX and Southern New Mexico. They currently have 15 communities in the newest areas where there are plenty of great spots to venture to for entertainment. Instead of having to decide on a nice home and a great location, at Palo Verde Homes they have guaranteed through their selective areas that there will be plenty aro

und you.

Cullers & Caldwell Builders provides all of El Paso with high-quality and creative designs for all of their homes no matter if they are building one house, or hundreds of them. At C&C, they assist in every aspect of the build as possible, from the site development and ending at the construction of the home/homes. 

Edward’s Homes was established in 2003 and has built all around the city while they constantly follow their goals and values: honesty, trust and respect with their clients. At Edward’s Homes, they are prepared for any type of job, whether it is a small home, or one that will meet your future family’s needs. They understand that not everyone has a lot of money to spare, which is why they offer consultations and financing suggestions.

Diamond Homes LLC is a family owned business that has been operating for about 20 years in El Paso. Their clients mean so much to this family operated business that they have even stated that they named some floor plans after some of their clients like Madeline, Adela, Khristina and so on. The best part of the Diamond Homes LLC is that they offer plenty of warranties for your new home so you don’t lose any sleep over unexpected problems. 

Saratoga Homes is notorious in El Paso along with other cities in Texas. Saratoga Homes has over 37 years of experience and the homes are affordable. They currently have 12 locations where they have their homes built in El Paso; Cielo Del Rio, Tierra Del Este, Villas Del Valle, Enchanted Hills, Valley Creek and so on. They also offer plenty of warranties for the homeowners and a wide range of tips and information to keep you at ease. 

Loyalty Homes is a family owned business that builds custom homes that meet 100% of the Energy Star standards. The business currently has 12 floor plans and can build the homes on the eastside of El Paso like the Mesquite Trails. The homes are ready to move in and will be in located the Socorro District for those with children. 

Winton Flair Homes has been building homes since 1988 and offers all types of help from the design of your home to the construction and so. The business prides themselves in their incredible customer service and their ability to build beautiful and smart homes that are Energy Star certified for their customers. They also can guarantee that their homes will have the lowest index scores available to ensure that they are looking out for their clients. Winton Flair Homes can also build your home in any area of El Paso, Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico so you won’t have to compromise your location.

Pointe Homes seems to be popping up more frequently from Tierra Del Este over in the edgemere area to the Montana area, to Horizon and more. Although Pointe Homes only currently has five locations that has their beautiful homes ready to be made into someone’s dream home, they are continually expanding which is apparent from the growth they have had. They also offer 30 floor plans to choose from and these floor plans are not made in stone, they can be modified to suit any type of financial situation or it can be built from scratch. 

El Paso Fortune Custom Homes began it’s building journey in 1988 and builds all around the Sun City, all along the east side to the west side. They are currently working on eight locations in the east and far east side of El Paso. Each of these locations all are certified Energy Star homes and offers an amazing referral program.


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