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El Paso Pet Salons

Top Pet Salons in El Paso

By: Tanya Torres

If you’re in need of a new groomer, daycare, and doggy hotel then be prepared to find a bunch of great options in El Paso for all your furry pet’s needs! We have compiled the top ones for you. Just take a look and see which place is the ideal place for you and your pet

Classy Pet Cuts began in 2009 under a different name and was sold to the current owner Carmen Gonzalez who has over 20 years of grooming experience to offer the Sun City’s furry friends. She also selected like-minded people who have almost the same amount of experience to work with her to ensure that she has the best team available for your pets.

The Spa For Paws offers so much in one place, it’s impossible not to take your pet there. Not only is the business a grooming salon, but it offers a doggy daycare that is affordable and large enough to have lots of pets in its building. It’s no wonder why this business continues to stay in business since the 1970s and continues to have the best care available for our furry friends.

The cost of the rooms the grooming business offers is based on the weight of the pets from $14- $18. The grooming costs depends on the breed and the service, the most basic bath costs $11 bucks for short-haired chihuahuas which isn’t at all costly. Lastly, the daycare costs $14 for a full day, 8$ for half a day and they also offer $100 packages while providing a great atmosphere for the pets with toys, pools and so on.

Are you tired of dragging your pets to the groomers? If so, then call up The Nose Knows Best: Mobile Grooming Pawlor so their team of experienced and knowledgeable stylists who can pull up close to home for a stress free experience all around. The grooming services include; massaging warm water baths, ear cleaning, de-tangle brush out, nail clipping, sanitary trim or shave, cologne or perfume, bows or bandanas. They also do special requests like teeth brushing, gland expression and flea and tick bath treatments at an affordable price no matter the size of your pet. If you can’t head over to a pet salon then take advantage of an inexpensive mobile groomer without the added cost of gas. You’ll never want to venture out after trying this mobile business.

The motto for Barks N Bubbles Grooming is “We shower your pet with love” and that is definitely apparent by the many reviews the grooming business has on its page.

The small business is run by a family and treat their furry clients as their own family. The full service pet salon offers appointments and walk-ins, however walk-ins are only accepted before 1pm and are based upon availability. Another thing this grooming business offers is a boutique with a wide range of designer pet clothing  (sweaters, dresses, funny tees, etc) and sports wear so your pet can look good in style. Be sure to check out the new location over on Eastlake and Darrington for all your pet’s needs.


Brian Burds

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