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El Paso’s housing Skyline is Changing

El Paso’s housing Skyline is Changing

12 years ago when I became a Realtor I would have never woken up to a headline label

“360-unit Downtown apartment/hotel high-rise proposed at site of City Hall parking lot”


But El Paso appears to be on the rise both literally and figuratively, renovations and repurposed buildings are the new thought process of a lot of the incoming devleopers. The market is dynamic with growth and the new version is elevated. I am excited to see the revitalization of downtown as it opens up the dialogue of young professional deciding to stay in El Paso rather then moving to what they may feel are more “hip” cities.

This has to be kept up with when it comes to El Paso Jobs. As a collective we have to encourage growth and stimulate jobs that are outside of El Paso’s Norm. We can no longer just focus on import/export, manufacturing, and government employment

El Paso’s current Home purchase market is dominated by buyers who are looking for a new home or a upgrade and with the military we keep a steady growth of these types of individuals but we need to start thinking outside the box . To continue this new growth pattern of high rise and downtown development we need to think about jobs that attract buyers for these type of units i.e. tech, biotech, aerospace, financial district, and other types that are dedicated more to work in their life right now then to creating a family. We need the jobs that are taking most of their time and paying well so they want to come home and enjoy the ease of low maintenance condo living.

So the next time you have the opportunity to speak to your low elected official ask them what are they doing to help get these new types of jobs to El Paso because I want ot continue to wake up to these kind of articles. It is exciting for El Paso Real Estate .

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Brian Burds

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