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El Paso’s Thriving Neighborhoods and Areas Seeing Development

El Paso’s Thriving Neighborhoods and Areas Seeing Development


El Paso’s metropolitan area reaches an estimated 844,818, the city itself houses 600,000 and is growing. As a border town, El Paso is in a unique geographical position and benefits from a lot of trade and incoming traffic coming from Mexico and surrounding cities like Las Cruces, New Mexico. In the past few years, this area has grown tremendously as population increases and businesses crop up. This has led to a lot of new homes being built and homes for sale in the El Paso area.  Because of varying development, different areas in the city have seen their fair share of growth and we thought we’d take a look at some of these neighborhoods and some of the exciting news happening around the Sun City.

The Northwest Area of El Paso

Since late 2016, there has been consistent growth in the Northwest area of El Paso. This included hundreds of new homes out in the Canutillo area and near the Franklin mountains. Cimarron Canyon is one subdivision that is also seeing a lot of attention. In the past year, the West Town Marketplace has also brought a lot of loved retailers and shops to the area. Some of the bigger stores include Walmart, Cabelas, TJ Maxx, and more.  Westsiders now have easy access to a variety of shopping and dining options without having to leave their area. At the same time, a great many bike trails and hiking trails in scenic routes have made this a very popular spot for people who love the outdoors.

Eastside El Paso

People of the far eastside are also taken aback at the rapid rate in which their communities are growing. Several eastside neighborhoods have also seen their fair share of expansion in the last couple of years. This has somewhat blurred the city lines as well, as growth expands into surrounding areas of El Paso that have very affordable housing and land. According to a 2018 KVIA report, the 79928 zip code, which sits right outside of the city limits, grew eleven times faster than El Paso 2011-2016.

Horizon & Socorro Areas

Horizon City, Texas is a town outside of the El Paso city limits that has a population of about 19,000 people. Socorro, TX is around 32,000 people and growing. The growth in the El Paso areas and the importance of Ft. Bliss has brought quite the surge to the entire metropolitan area. Expansion of the University and its engineering programs have also contributed to attracting the building of new homes and encouraging home sales as well.

Homes in Northeast El Paso

In the northeast part of the city, you have Castner Heights, a great little neighborhood that has plenty of single-family homes that are very affordable and at a good price. The area is sprinkled with plenty of parks and attractions like the Border Patrol Museum and Painted Dunes Golf Course. Mountain View neighborhood is another great spot in the northeast of town that houses a lot of Army personnel and soldiers because of its proximity to Ft. Bliss. Homes are within a great range and

Find The Perfect Neighborhood For You

Depending on the areas where you work or wish to work, where your children attend school, or other attractions might be the main deciding factor for which neighborhood you choose. El Paso has a lot of burgeoning areas that have their own special qualities and compliment you and your family’s life and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a perfect home in the right neighborhood, Brian Burds Home Selling Team will likely find the perfect fit. Give us a call today!



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