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So You Want to Sell Your Home? Don’t Go It Alone!

a home seller holding a diagram of a home and a computer cursorIf you are a first-time home seller, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of before listing. This will enable you to be prepared for what lies in the journey ahead. The longer you have been in the house, the harder it will be to not make some common mistakes and turn a real estate transaction into an emotional rollercoaster ride. Instead of facing issues, choose to work with the Brian Burds Home Selling Team.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Buyer

As the home seller, you should look at your home from the perspective of the buyer. This will remind you that you are selling the house. You are able to take the memories you made in your home with you. It can also remind you that you are selling an image, a dream and a lifestyle. With this perspective, you are more likely to put in the extra effort of staging. In some cases, home sellers may even do some minor remodeling in order to get top dollar for their home.

The change in appearance will not only help the sales price, it will also help you to create the emotional distance needed because the home will look less familiar. Once you look at yourself as a home seller in the business sense, you are then less likely to set an unrealistic price for the property. Additionally, you will also be less upset when you are forced to both negotiate and settle for a lower price when an offer is made.

If You Want to Be a Home Seller, We Can Help

While you can go it alone, the home seller process goes much smoother when you have some professional help. An agent will be able to properly write the listing and get the best pictures taken. He or she will also direct you on how to stage your home. Your home seller will also help you address any minor problems that you may have become immune to as the owner. Additionally, hiring an agent will enable you to set and get the best price for the property.

Hiring a home seller agent will also ensure that you do not enter into a contract with an unqualified buyer who has not been preapproved for a mortgage or will be forced to wait until the buyer sells his or her property in order to sell your own. If you are a home seller in the El Paso area and would like help, call the Brian Burds Home Selling Team



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