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Four Tips for Selling Your House

a person holding a key in front of a homeThe real estate market is kind of like the weather. One minute it can be all “clear skies and fair sailing,” and the next you might be “up a creek without a paddle.” No matter what the real estate market climate is currently like, however, there are some tricks of the trade that will give sellers a market advantage. The Brian Burds Home Selling Team has devised four tips to utilize when selling your house.

Price Correctly

In today’s technology savvy world, buyers are just a Google search away from getting an accurate pricing estimate on a home. You may think your house is worth “x” amount of dollars, but if Zillow says differently, you aren’t likely to score that price. To increase the likelihood of selling your house, check with your real estate agent regarding the price of similar homes in the area, and aim for a slightly lower price (think 10%). This alone will attract buyer attention and encourage people to see the home in person.

Boost Curb Appeal

First impressions matter. (If you don’t believe us, psychology journals have hundreds of articles that back this statement up). It is no different with house shopping. Before most people actually go on a house walk through, they ‘window shop’ – driving by the home to see if they are interested. Attract onlookers by mowing your lawn, planting fresh flowers, power washing your driveway, and washing your front windows. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional landscaping team or cleaning team if you deem it necessary – you will make that money back from your sale!

Declutter and Depersonalize

Just as sellers must clean up the home’s exterior, they must also declutter the interior. This is a great time to downsize before the big move, and you will find that home buyers wholly prefer a minimalism over clutter. Deep cleaning is also a good idea. From floors to windows to tile grout, make sure the inside of your home is spotless.

Stage Creatively

Every homeowner has a unique and personalized style. If you are serious about selling your house, however, it is necessary to tone your personal style down a bit. To effectively attract a wide audience, you home should be more like a blank canvas than a creative masterpiece. Still, there is definitely room for creativity in the staging process. Sellers want their home to be a balance of clean and lived-in. You can achieve this look by adding small touches to you home, such as a bowl of fruit, a vase full of flowers, etc.

A Real Estate Agent Can Help with Selling Your House

No matter the climate of the finicky real estate market, falling steps like those listed above will help you get ahead in selling your home. Working with an experienced El Paso real estate agent, such as Brian Burds, will also give you an advantage. Contact the Brian Burds Home Selling Team today to get started!




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