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Furniture Trends You Should Know About

Furniture plays an absolutely invaluable role in our homes. We see it as a way to keep us comfortable, meet our needs, and to express ourselves. Of course, sometimes it helps to have a little guidance. The right furniture can make a home really pop, which is why we wanted to talk through some furniture trends that are really giving homes a boost.

Furniture Trends

What is a furniture trend, and how can you learn about the latest furniture trends? The reality is that furniture trends come in all shapes and sizes. There are furniture color trends, new furniture trends, refurbished furniture trends, and more. Knowing all this will allow you to make sure that your home is wonderfully trendy.

Furniture trends change every year, but some trends really are forever. The reality is that most of us are committed to commonly used furniture types. We all want kitchen tables in our kitchen and couches in our family rooms. But, there is so much room for big changes, even if you are just buying the same general type of furniture. If you know what is trendy, you can turn your home into a space for Instagram photos overnight—and it pairs well with upsizing.

Raw Materials, Waves, and Curvaceous Design is Set to Take the Stage this Season

Every new season brings new furniture trends, and this year, we are going all organic. The push towards stopping shapes and natural materials is huge. Here’s why people love it.

Raw Materials

When you think of raw materials, what do you think of? In this new trend, wood, marble, and other natural styles are incredibly popular. People love the idea of having a home that looks like a more natural space. It can add an earthy feel to a space and can even be used to balance some of the most daring furniture types.

Waves and Curvaceous Design

Who doesn’t love a little bit of water in the summer? Waves and curvy designs are the new trend because of their organic style. People love these styles because they give a room a very distinct flow. In a way, these shapes can be used to create a path for the eye to follow.

A big hit with this design is to keep a kind of general direction to it. Let your curvy furniture pieces push your visitors in the direction you want them to look. This can be done deliberately with a lot of curves in design, or you can keep it simple and discreet. Waves and curvy shapes make for exciting accents too.

Best Ideas for Modern Furniture Trends

Modern furniture is trendy as ever, and you deserve to benefit from it. Don’t you want a room that makes everyone’s jaw drop when they walk in? With the right design, you can elicit that response in no time.

Eye-Catching Colors

Furniture color trends are a big area of focus in modern furniture design. Right now, people are going bold or going home—and you can too. Today’s furniture trends are built almost entirely around color, and there is so much fun here.

Bold and eye-catching colors are the new standard. Buy the bright yellow couch that looks like the sun in the middle of a room. Use it as an opportunity to create a secondary color theme, and don’t be afraid to get something bright. If that isn’t your 

style, consider a deeper color, like burgundy instead.

Organic Design

Organic design is popping right now because people just love it. Think of round and soothing shapes, even ones that are irregular. Rounded couches, tables, and even wall art are all so popular right now. When you see a room put together with it, it is so easy to see why. 

Newest Home Designs and Furniture for Your Room

Your room is a special place, and you deserve one that is nice. Instead of living in a basic or boring room, why not add something extra with some new furniture? Let’s explore what your room can offer.

Hanging Nightstands

Traditional nightstands are old news by this point, but hanging nightstands are in. These amazing furniture pieces bolt directly into the wall and give a bedroom a modern look that is so pleasant to look at.

Accent Rugs

Who ever said that you can’t have rugs in your bedroom? Adding a rug under your bed is such an amazing way to really add something special to it. Use it as a fresh pop of color, or even as an accent to balance the brightness in the room. These are even better if you have hardwood floors that get cold overnight.

Wall Art

Most people put art in their living space, but they don’t always bring it into the bedroom. Why not? This is one designer touch that can bring a lot to your bedroom. You can put up exciting custom art pieces or just rely on simple designs to give your room a dash of flavor. 

Transforming the Furniture Industry

The furniture industry is always changing, but right now it is undergoing transformation. As modern design evolves, more people are joining this industry and bringing some seriously cool additions. Instead of simply making furniture, people are making works of art. They are getting more creative and adding more color. Their artwork is getting bolder to match our tastes and the outcome is pretty amazing. In the future, you can expect the furniture world to be vibrant and thriving.

Final Thoughts

Furniture is really important for creating a design in a home, and now you can benefit from it. Take this opportunity to explore modern trends and some of the bolder and more vibrant options. You can use certain furniture pieces to make your home into a stunning work of art—and who doesn’t want that? Before you invest in anything, really take some time to look around and explore what is available. You aren’t limited to local stores. Check online so you can start finding the perfect pieces to make your home into a dream home.


Brian Burds

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