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How to Get Ready to Sell Your House

blonde woman with glasses thinking about her living room, which is in the background If you are getting ready to sell your house, you need to find a real estate agent. You also need to take steps to make sure your home is looking its best.  You want your house to sell quickly and for a good price. So, you should strongly consider doing a few simple things to make your house as attractive as possible to buyers. Find out more from The Brian Burds Home Selling Team. We can help you to get the best price for your home sale.

Staging Your Home for Sale

When you are getting ready to sell your house, staging your home can make it a lot more attractive to people who may be interested in purchasing it. You can stage your home by improving curb appeal and by making the house look more inviting, both inside and out. Repaint rooms that are bright and unusual colors that could be a turnoff to buyers. Pull weeds and make your gardens look nice. Clear up clutter so that you don’t have a lot of stuff laying around. This stuff can distract potential buyers from the features of your house. You may even wish to put away family pictures and personal items which can make it harder for buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

Finding a Real Estate Agent to Help Sell Your Homea real estate agent on a cell phone standing outside of a house next to a sale pending sign

While staging your home is important, you also need the right real estate agent to help you sell your home.  As you consider who should act as your agent, look for someone whose focus is on selling homes. Your agent should also have a solid marketing plan. You want someone who knows your area well and who sells homes in your particular price point. You also want to make sure that the real estate agent you work with knows what buyers are looking for. A good real estate agent should have a long history of helping to sell homes for good prices in a timely manner. 

Contact The Brian Burds Home Selling Team

The Brian Burds Home Selling Team is here to provide you with help staging your home, pricing it, and getting it ready for sale. We can also market your home for you to bring in the widest possible pool of potential buyers who are looking for houses in the El Paso area. Call now to learn more.




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