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The Comprehensive Guide to Preventative Home Maintenance 

The Comprehensive Guide to Preventative Home Maintenance 

One of the best ways to avoid having your home linger on the market is by not letting small problems stall the process. When potential buyers order a home inspection, they may find small problems that can take time to fix or may even be enough of a deal-breaker for them as buyers. And yet, if the issues are relatively minor, taking care of them early on can save you time and money down the road. 

Even small tasks performed every few months can keep your home in tip-top shape and avoid lengthy repairs. So whether you are considering selling in two years or a few months, home maintenance is key. Doing so sooner rather than later will give you a head start on the home selling process. 

Home maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore. When it comes to preventative maintenance, recruit your teenage child, get them off the mobile phone and enjoy a Saturday of fun home DIY sprucing up. Mind the seasons, of course. Winter maintenance and summer maintenance can be a little different. In El Paso, we don’t have to worry about too many snowstorms, but if you’ve lived here long enough you know that it is not rare to experience once when we least expect it! 

Spring Inspection: From Roof Shingles to Bathroom Caulking 

As the winter subsides and the warmer weather comes in, begin inspecting your home and preparing it for the heat of the summer. 

General outside inspection

Take a little walk along outside of your home. Look for cracks in the concrete or any area that might seem compromised due to moisture. Is there any chipping paint? Damaged brick? Inspect the driveway for cracks that might need to be filled in or repaired, or may simply be a damper on a beautiful driveway.

Make sure to also inspect the foundation, siding, or facade for signs of cracks, water pooling, or other damage. Check windows and window screens for cracks or tears respectively. 

Check the gutters

After any winter storm or rain, gutters could be cluttered up with gunk, leaves, or grime that collects with the blowing of wind and dust. The gutters are important, of course, because they protect the roof, siding, and foundation. When it rains, the gutters act as the natural diversion system to divert water away from your home, walls, and roof. 

Consider a house wash

You don’t necessarily need a power washer for this. Many areas on the outside of your home will collect dirt and get a little grimy. Taking a regular hose and going through the outside of your home can give it a nice spot clean. You want to cover the ground and hedges with plastic sheeting and take some precautions not to damage windows or other decorative features. 

Have a look at your HVAC systems

If your home has central heat and air, call up your local technician for a biannual checkup. Homeowners often forget to do this routine check-up that can catch HVAC problems before they begin and expand the shelf life of the system, often saving the homeowner from having to replace it. 

Check your pipes

Checking your plumbing can catch leaks before they grow. Simply walk around, open cabinets, check for existing leaks, moisture, or anything that doesn’t look right. This also means making sure your toilet is not leaking water. If your toilet float and fill valve are old, they can wastewater. Replacing this is easy and keeps your toilet working better. Cleaning your drains with hot water regularly and using drain strains or drain baskets can save you a lot of trouble!

 What are the Benefits of Performing Preventative Maintenance?

First and foremost, preventative maintenance keeps you aware of developing issues. When it comes to selling your home, however, there are some added benefits to having kept up with your maintenance over the years or even before you decide to sell, including:

  • Better images: Because home shopping tends to begin on the internet these days, people searching for homes look at photos of a listing before they even decide to investigate further or move on a house. A home that has been cared for will produce photos that are much better and more attractive. 
  • Better home tours: Visiting a potential home is a big part of the home selling process. If your home has seen even some minor maintenance and grooming, it can go a long way. 

When Selling Your Home, Work with a Powerhouse Team of Professionals

Aside from keeping your home somewhat tidy, what you need when selling your home is a team that knows how to get the job done. Even if you do everything right, the wrong team can make home selling a drag. There are plenty of beautiful and well-maintained homes that sit on the market for longer than necessary. 

When you work with Brian Burds, you get a whole team of people joining efforts to reach more potential buyers and get the best offer. 

If you need help selling your home, contact Brian Burds Home Selling Team today. 



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