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Halloween Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips For Kids During This Pandemic

As the weather gets colder and the leaves start to turn red and orange, there’s only one thing on all of our minds. It’s none other than the spooky spectacular holiday of Halloween — the one night where we encourage our dressed-up kids to take candy from strangers around the neighborhood. 

Along with the joys (and cavities!) that Halloween trick or treating can bring, it’s a time for all of us to finally enjoy a holiday in a more relaxed environment that the pandemic stole from us the year before. However, just because more of the population is vaccinated, that doesn’t mean that going trick or treating from door to door still doesn’t pose some risks for our mostly unvaccinated children. Amid the current state of the pandemic, it’s important to have as much fun as possible but still maintain caution as you go about your festivities. 

Curious as to how you can keep safe yet create a wonderful Halloween experience for you and your child? Read on to find out about best trick or treat safety tips for kids to make this Halloween the most freakishly fun yet. 

Stay in the fresh air

Even though the outside air might be slightly chillier than indoors, keeping your activities outdoors can help lower transmission rates and avoid the dangerous crowding. As your kids bounce from house to house, encourage them to stay at the front door as they grab their candy. Once they return back at your side, you can give them a small squeeze of hand sanitizer just in case they decide to touch their eyes or nose. Beyond trick or treating, you can enjoy other outdoor Halloween activities such as pumpkin picking or corn maze navigating. 

Wear a mask and practice social distancing

As usual, the traditional practices remain the most important when keeping safe in a pandemic. Make it a habit out of your child to wear a mask, frequently wash their hands, and practice social distancing when trick or treating. Feel free to also get creative by decorating the mask, matching its colors to the costume, or anything that can help your child feel spirited and safe at the same time. 

Put innovative Halloween activities to the test

You can create a memorable Halloween experience for your kids by simply implementing some awesome stay-at-home activities with key home safety tips in mind. For instance, you can take advantage of the house and its surrounding yard to hide pieces of candy in a makeshift scavenger hunt. You can also purchase some fresh pumpkins and candles to create a fun pumpkin carving and decorating activity. Take some time to think of some fun ideas and exercise the creative part of your brain. In no time, you’ll be out there planning a Halloween party that your kids will never forget. 

Keep the group size small

It’s always more fun for the kids if they’re able to trick or treat with a group of friends. Although you don’t have to get rid of that group aspect during a pandemic, it can help to whittle that group down to your child’s closest friends. It will not only create safer conditions, but also give each kid more quality time to bond with each other on a closer level. 

Don’t overextend trick or treating time

You don’t have to tackle the entire neighborhood or give your child a full candy bag to call it a good night. Instead, you can choose to visit a few homes along the nearby streets and let your kids accumulate a modest amount of candy before you head home for the night. 

Be clear about your expectations

Rather than keeping everything to yourself, you should also convey some ground rules to your kid so that they can understand what’s expected of them. In addition to those rules, it never hurts to ask them about their opinions on what a perfect Halloween night would look like. After all, your planning is to make their night a memorable one, so take note of what they would enjoy. You might be surprised at how creative your kids can be!

Final Thoughts

Even though it might seem like an annoyance to plan a thrilling Halloween night around all the looming pandemic guidelines, don’t forget to always look at the brighter side of things. As long as you keep safety practices in mind while exercising how creative you can get, you’ll be able to plan a wickedly fantastic Halloween night, guaranteed. If you truly can’t come up with anything, then El Paso has no lack of fun community Halloween events that are fun for the whole family to participate in. So now go out there and hang up those pumpkins. Dress up in that fun and scary costume. We at the Brian Burds team wish you the safest and most fun Halloween experience yet. 


Brian Burds

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