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Here’s How To Update Your At-Home Work Space

By: Kyle Spearin


When you work in an office, dressing up your space is more about decorations. Working from home, everything changes. When you work from home, it is crucial to have a functional office space that supports work habits. This will make it easier for you to feel productive in your space instead of feeling disconnected in your work from home process. In this post, we will discuss easy ways to update your workspace to make working from home easier than ever.

Invest In Good Electronics
In the office, you are generally using the products purchased by the company. At home, you likely have a much different setup. Since your home electronics were likely chosen for home use rather than work use, you might find that investing in new ones can make working from home quite a bit easier. We’ve gathered some popular options that can improve your office experience.

A Good Router
A lot of us purchase general routers for basic use, but that doesn’t always work when you are working from home. In fact, investing in a good router can be incredibly important for your home office space. Make sure that you have a device that keeps you connected.

Large Monitors
Your everyday laptop or monitor might be a good fit for your Amazon browsing, but it might not be great for eight hours of work a day. Investing in larger monitors, particularly multiple monitors, can help to make working from home quite a bit easier and will put less strain on your neck.

Ergonomic Keyboards
A standard keyboard can be fine for infrequent use, but if you’re going to be on the computer all day, you will want something that will support your wrists. A nice keyboard can help keep you typing strong all day long.

A Functional Mouse
Investing in a nice mouse can really help with your comfort levels. Whether you choose to invest in one that is more ergonomic or you simply want one with more functionality, a good mouse can really help you to control your workflow.

Get Some Wall Decor
Wall decor can bring so much to a room and make it feel like a more committed space. Whether you choose to invest in wall art or something like a clock, you can help to design a space that truly feels like a home office. Sometimes, all it takes is the right decor to help you get in the right mindset for working at home.

In order to get the best possible office, you will want to consider what kind of office you want. Some people prefer to stick with the classic motivational pictures while others like to focus on wall art with powerful phrases that inspire them. To make the best possible office, it is generally best to explore your options. Look for inspiration online to design the perfect productive space for your home. In the end, you want to create a space that inspires you to focus and get to work. Consider what the walls of your dream office would look like and invest to make it happen.

Buy Some Fun Houseplants
Houseplants can bring so much life to a space and are known to fill a room with much better energy. Plant lovers often find themselves comforted by the fresh air and greenery in their space. It can help to keep you engaged with vibrant colors and can even help you to feel less alone in a space.

Before you invest in plants for your office, focus on the level of engagement that you want to see. Some plants can require minimal maintenance while others can be more of an investment. Many people make the mistake of simply buying plants that look nice and are unprepared to care for them. Adding plants to your office can bring so much to your area, but make sure that you don’t invest in more work than you want to put in. If you are looking for an opportunity to add the look of plants without the work, fake plants can be a great option as well!

Stock Up On Office Essentials
While you might not have your local supply room just around the corner, you still need the right tools to do your job. Don’t be the person who is still scrambling to take meeting notes on the back of a local takeout menu. Instead, make sure that you have what it takes to get your job done right by investing in proper tools.

Essential tools can vary depending on the kind of work that you do. Most people rely on specific tools to take notes, which can make investing in a nice notebook and sticky notes a great place to get started. Working from home allows you to choose which tools work best for you. Use this as an opportunity to find a good set of pens, or even consider highlighters for note taking.

One of the best ways to turn your home office into a productivity powerhouse is to buy tools that support your needs. Invest in a nice calendar for your wall or get a phone that makes it easy to navigate conference calls. Purchasing memo boards or even a dry erase board can go a long way in helping you to take complete control of your workspace.

Final Thoughts
Your dream home office might be closer than you think. If you are going to spend your days working from home, it really does help to have a good space to work in. Even the smallest changes can help you to feel better about the work that you do, even if you are working from home instead of an office.

Investing in your workspace can help you to feel more productive and makes it easy for you to feel like you are going to work instead of just walking into a different room in your home!


Brian Burds

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