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Home Renovations to Avoid

Home Renovations to Avoid 

By: Tanya Torres

When it comes to your home, you always want your own personality to show whether it is the type of decor you have or the colors of the walls. However, these little quirks might lead to a decrease in home value because buyers might not feel the same way about them like you do. To avoid any unnecessary money loss, we have created a list to consider when conducting renovations to your home. 

Bright Colors

You might like bold colors and want to paint your house bright orange, but before you pick up that paintbrush you will have to keep in mind that it might cost you in the long run. If you were to ever sell your home then that brightly colored paint job might turn off your potential buyer. Although this renovation might not cost you as much as other ones, but it can take away from other things you need to fix before you sell your home. You could always choose neutral colors especially if you’re going to be selling your home so it gives your potential buyer an idea of what they want to do to the house if they buy it.

Quirky Tiles

Tile can make or break your home and really add up if you have to replace it to ensure your home sells. Although you could always leave that task to your buyer, you might be risking selling your home at a lesser value as a result. If you’re thinking about updating your home with tile, try to stick with something traditional (wood or white tile) that will add to your home’s value even if it isn’t as personable like you planned. 


Although carpeting is a comfortable addition to your home, having too much of it in textures and colors that are overly personal might not be a good idea for your home’s value. Instead of having a lot of carpeting or laminate floors put in your home, you need to keep in mind how easily both can wear down and show damage. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home, then take a look at hardwood flooring because it may help you avoid any costs in the future.

Combining Bedrooms to Create a Bigger Room

If you are interested in creating a bigger room by combining two bedrooms together then you might want to reconsider it if you’re not planning on living in the home forever. Although this idea seems reasonable to a young couple with no children or those whose children have left the home, it might not be if you’re going to sell the home. Any changes to your home can help you or cost you because things change, couple’s have kids, people move and so on. People are not interested in having one big bedroom when they are in need of multiple rooms. By having multiple rooms, it can increase your home’s value by 15 percent each room. That percentage is enough to keep the rooms no matter how small they are.

Removing Closets

When you picture your dream master bedroom, you can see a nice bedroom, a decent sized bathroom and that beautiful walk-in closet. You can’t picture a bedroom without a closet so removing one seems unnecessary even if you are looking to expand your bathroom. You are still losing out on space that is needed especially if you are thinking of selling your home in the future. 


You might like that yellow wallpaper that you added in every wall in your home, but the next owner might not be as thrilled at the idea of staring at it. Although wallpaper can be removed, it can be a difficult task especially if it’s all over the home. A fresh paint job in a neutral color can easily fix the wallpaper fiasco especially if it increases your chances of selling your home. You can do this process when your staging your home which our staging your home blog post goes over. 

Garage Turned Living Space

Nothing is worse than hearing hail hitting the walls of your home and realizing that your brand new car is getting hit harshly and there’s nothing you can do because you have no garage. The only thing you can do to save your car from the hail is leave to a place that has a garage but that can become tiring. By turning your garage into a living space, you might regret it later when the weather comes down hard on your car or you have nowhere to store your extra items in the house. When people are searching for homes, garages always add to the home rather than decrease their interest in the home. Storing items and leaving your car in a secure, safe place will always be an added bonus to a home which is why we recommend adding inexpensive renovations just in case you end up putting your home on the market. By adding an inexpensive renovation to the garage turned living space, it will make it easier and less expensive to the next homeowner if they want to turn it back into a garage. 


Brian Burds

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