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Home Safety Tips for Halloween

Home Safety Tips for Halloween

By: Tanya Torres

Halloween is a night of fun and excitement filled with ghouls, candy, costumes and spooky decorations. The entire month of October is devoted to finding the perfect costume, constructing the perfect haunted house and buying tons of candy to ward off any mischievous children/teenagers and their rolls of toilet paper. The last thing to think about on Halloween is how safe your home is to these trick-or-treaters. You might overlook that big hole in your yard or obstructions leading to your door and so on. However, every homeowner should be weary that a lot of foot traffic will be headed to their doorway which is why we recommend a safety check to ensure all goes well on All Hallow’s Eve.

Start at Home

When you have kids, your number one priority and concern for them is their safety no matter how old they are. Keeping your loved ones safe will always be important and ensuring they follow your rules will be helpful especially on Halloween when they go off to trick-or-treat without you. The first thing you will need to do is talk about being safe on Halloween. Remind them that running around in the dark will lead to them getting hurt, especially if it is on the street. Provide them with a flashlight to light their way in the dark along with your words of wisdom to avoid any problems from arising. 


Although candles and luminaries add to the spooky atmosphere of your home on Halloween, the potential threat of a fire hazard that comes with them should scare you enough to avoid them forever. These items can easily be knocked over by kids who are overly excited and hyper to pay attention to their surroundings.and can even cause them to harm themselves in the process which is why you should practice caution if you choose to have them at your home. If you choose to opt out of using them then using LED tea lights or string lights around your home will still do the trick. It is also recommended to turn on any outdoor lights to light up your driveway or walkway so trick-or-treaters can see when they are walking to your home. 

Clean Your Yard

Although children are already full of energy on a daily basis, when Halloween comes around they have triple that amount of energy or more. It is important to keep in mind that trick-or-treaters will most likely run up to your home to guarantee that they receive any candy before other children. This is why homeowners will need to anticipate any potential hazards lurking

 around their lawns such as large holes, potted plants, tools, hoses, excessive dead branches and leaves. You will have to clean up your yard to avoid any problems should a child become hurt on your property. 

Clean Paths

Walk your driveway and sidewalk and check to see if you are free of any hazards. If you see any problems then you should repair them as fast as possible or clear another path for trick-or-treaters to prevent them from becoming hurt at your home. If you have added any decorations around your home, then be sure that they do not obstruct the path and if they do then move them around to avoid any kids from falling. 

Confine Pets

Your pets may be people friendly, but on Halloween they might be overwhelmed with all the new scents arising around your home that they may not be acting their normal self. With the constant ringing of the doorbell and the chatter of the trick-or-treaters, your pet may become scared and run out the door as you open it to give out candy. If this happens, then it’ll be a lot more difficult to track your pet with all the swarming kids walking around your neighborhood. To avoid having to run after your furry friend, you can keep your pets in a separate room so they can feel calm and safe away from all the excitement. 

Indoor Safety

It is always important to practice indoor safety whether you are inside having a party with adults or for children. If you decide to stay indoors during Halloween then checking to see if your smoke alarms are working is highly recommended especially if you are about to have a lot of people at your place. Another thing to watch out for would be the decorations you have around your home especially if you have any open flames and crepe paper hanging on the ceilings. These potential hazards can fall off from where they are hanging and fall on any candles you have on and cause a fire.


Brian Burds

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