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How to Cut Moving Costs

Cutting Moving Costs

By: Tanya Torres

Are you ready to move but not ready to add on additional costs to the list of things to check off? You may be excited to get to your new home, but it does not mean that you feel the same way about preparing for the move and having to pay to get there. Although it may be difficult to avoid all types of expenses that come with moving, it does not mean that you can’t prevent having to pay an arm and a leg to get to your next home destination. If you are serious about cutting your moving costs then shopping for a local mover may not be beneficial to you. Instead of hiring someone to move your stuff for you, you can move without breaking the bank by following our tips.


Timing is Everything

You’d be surprised to find out that timing is crucial when it comes to deciding on when to move. If you choose to move in the summer from May to August, you will be having to deal with paying more to receive help from a moving company because that time period is their peak season. Not only will it be harder to move during the peak season, but attempting to move during the weekends and holidays can become stressful and costly too. The best time to move is during mid-week since the demand becomes lower because most people are busy with work or other things. 


Shop Around

If you’re still considering hiring someone to help you move then doing your homework and shopping around for the best rate will aid you in reducing your costs. Although hiring someone else to do the moving job for you can still cost you a pretty penny, moving companies can keep your move on track and reduce any problems from arising. If you do decide on hiring a moving company then moving during the off peak season will benefit you a lot because you might be able to receive a better package and discount for hiring them in a low season. 



Packing up your belongings and heading to your new home with them can make it easier financially for you, but it might not lessen your stress when it comes to moving at all. If you’re interested in saving yourself quite a bit of money then doing it yourself will be the ideal option for you when you are moving. Another way to save yourself some cash is by avoiding rush-hour traffic since it will reduce your fuel costs because you won’t be stopping frequently throughout your drive. However, it is also important to be mindful that you will be transporting fragile items and if you are inexperienced then hiring someone to aid you in moving will be beneficial for you. Also, keep in mind of traveling under low underpasses and make sure your moving vehicle will be able to clear it. 



Everyone wants to save money and receive money no matter what it is and you might be able to receive a discount from the IRS because of your move. However, receiving a discount depends on why you moved. If you moved due to work related reasons then you most likely will be able to qualify for a tax cut since you will be able to claim your moving costs as a federal tax deduction. Be sure to save your receipts for tax season.  



One of the main recommendations for selling and moving is to get rid of unwanted or old items that you have been keeping around your home. You can also set up a few yard sales to reduce the amount of items you have and make some money back off them too since another man’s junk can be another man’s treasure. By purging your items, you will be reducing your costs since movers charge not only by the distance traveled but the pound too. While you are already preparing to get rid of your unwanted items of the past, you might as well get organized during it too. Do not put anything that remains from your purge into boxes. The reason for your purge was to reduce the amount of items you are taking to your next home to save money and space. Be sure to be organized with what you want to keep and don’t want by putting the items you do want in boxes that are labeled. 


Packing Supplies

Another way to save some money is by avoiding buying packing supplies other than tape. You really don’t have to buy boxes to move since you can use old boxes that you have laying around the house for your move. You can also look on social media sites to see if anyone is willing to give you free boxes or contact stores to see if they can provide you with the boxes they receive in their shipments. Typically, they will just throw out all the additional boxes and don’t mind giving their truck night boxes. You can also use clothing such as socks to protect glassware, towels, empty suitcases, baskets and plastic bins to pack items away. You could even leave your items in your dressers and use either Ziploc bags or cling wrap to seal away and keep your drawers shut during your move.


Brian Burds

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