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How to Deal with the Eyesore Next Door

By: Tanya Torres


You have been preparing your home for months to get it ready to be put on the market. Everything on your checklist has been checked off and you can proudly say that you are complete with all the repairs and tasks that you needed to complete before selling it. Although you feel your home looks and feels ready to be sold, you forgot about one potential problem which is the eyesore of the neighborhood. The ugly home in your neighborhood/next door might be one of the reasons why some potential buyers will steer far away from your beautiful home. This eyesore can make it difficult to sell your home because of how badly it looks and how close it is to your home. Although you might think that all hope is gone when it comes to this badly kept up home, there are ways to resolve this situation. If you are unsure of how to approach this predicament then here are some tips to help you resolve this situation as soon as possible. r


Speak with Your Neighbor

Before you do anything drastic to resolve this situation of yours, you can easily fix this by doing the adult thing which is to speak to your neighborhood. Speaking to your neighbor may seem tricky and risky, it might actually benefit you more if you speak with them to solve this situation. You can find out why it has been hard for them to maintain their home and find ways to help your neighbor.


If you are unsure that speaking to your neighbor will help because you lack a relationship with them then all is not lost in this situation. On the contrary, you can write a friendly note to them and provide them with a small gift like wine to make them feel better about finding out that their home is the eyesore of the neighborhood. You can also try to bring up how if your home sells for more than their home will be worth more so they feel better about fixing up their home. 


Offer Your Help

Being a good neighbor is something that everyone strives to be. We are extremely close to our neighbors and being a good neighbor is typically important to most people, especially because our neighbors do know where we live. If you are struggling figuring out how to tell your neighbor about the bad condition of their home then there are other ways to fix your situation before you lose out on the sale of your home. Sometimes we tend to not be aware of certain things we are accustomed to being around all the time like certain smells, the condition of items and so on. Or in other cases, people might be aware of the condition of their home and are not able to fix these problems due to money, medical conditions and so on. 


If your neighbor needs a hand with their home then why not offer your help? You know how difficult it is to fix up a home on your own and if your neighbor has no one else then you can easily solve both your problems by lending a hand. 


Homeowners Association (HOA)

If you still do not want to contact your neighbor about their home because you do not want problems or you are not willing to help them then you can always contact the homeowners’ association (HOA). 


Although contacting the HOA may seem like an extreme tactic to take, it actually is something that is encouraged to do when it comes to homes that do not meet the requirements of the HOA. HOA’s were created to prevent homes from losing their values due to eyesores in the neighborhood and contacting them for help in this situation will help you tremendously since you will not have to contact your neighbor. The HOA will send a warning letter to your neighbor to fix the problems in their home or pay fines for not following the rules. 


Contact the City

If your neighbors are keeping junk in their yards and they are refusing to remove them and accept your help then you can contact your city to help solve this problem if you do not have an HOA to contact. However, it is important that you contact them well before you begin selling your home since the city can give your neighbor 90 days to clean up their home. 


Build a Fortress

Your home is not a castle but it does not mean that you can’t build a privacy wall around your home so you do not have to look at your neighbors yards or them again. It can be awkward when you are outside in your backyard and so is your neighbor, especially if you meet eyes and all you want is to relax. You can solve this problem and future challenges when selling your home by installing a fence or planting tall trees to block your view from their yard. 

Tanya Torres is a content writer for Brian Burds at Century 21 who has written several publications as a freelance writer for KISS-FM, Fusion Magazine, El Paso Times and so on.


Brian Burds

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