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How to get Creative with Your Planters

By: Tanya Torres

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash


This year has had a lot of ups and downs because of the current pandemic happening all over the world. With a lot of places still shut down, a lot of people have turned to creative ways to make their time home fun. Places like home depot and lowes which are notorious for not being packed have been extremely packed with all the renovations everyone has been doing to their homes and other creative projects too. If you are thinking about upping your creative game for your garden and want to avoid spending a lot of money and time at the store or waiting for your packages to arrive then being creative with your planters can be a great way to showcase how unique your home is. Here are some tips to get you started. 



Creating a twine wrapped potted planter is perfect for covering up an old planter rather than throwing it out and purchasing another one. You can use twine on practically any kind of planter without having trouble and it goes with everything. You can use pots like glass jars, wood pots, tin cans, metal, plastic and more. All you need for materials are a hot glue gun, glue gun sticks, scissors, twine and the pots of your choice.



If you want something very different than the typical planter design that everyone attempts to do then making a moss planter can make your garden stand out while making you proud of your DIY skills. All you need for this DIY project are clay pots without a hole at the bottom of the pot, spray adhesive, moss and scissors. Just be sure to be careful when spraying the adhesive since it can get stuck on your hands and it is very difficult to remove. 


Paint Cans

If you want a rustic kind of look for your garden then adding a cool element by repurposing paint cans. You might have updated your paint recently and have several paint cans. Rather than throw out these paint cans because they served their purpose, you can use these paint cans for your plants. Before you throw in some dirt and add your plants or seeds, you will need to make sure to clean the paint out of the can so it does notnegatively affect your plants. All you need for this project is spray paint to paint your paint cans. You will need to put a first coat on it and then wait six hours to let it dry before decorating it. If you want to add some drainage to it then you will need to drill a hole at the bottom of it before you begin decorating it. 



When your children or relatives give you a drawing, you usually hang it on the fridge door. Instead of adding a clutter of papers on your fridge you can use these masterpieces drawn by your loved ones and put them on your planters. Not only will this make your family happy seeing these beautiful drawings being used but it will make you and your visitors happy too. It will also make your garden look more unique and special too. You can also use scrapbooking paper on your plots, pattern tea towels with twine on it, crepe paper and more.


Add some Rocks

If you have a love for rocks then why not use all the rocks around you to decorate your planters? Adding rocks to your planters makes a fun activity for you and your loved ones. You can paint them and glue them on in a mosaic type of way. You can also paint them like bugs, vegetables and so on and place them in the planter too or add some wire and put it in a shape so you can place your planter on top. You can also add some fun glitter to the rocks to make them sparkle on a sunny day. 



Believe it or not but you can add socks to your small planters too. However, it is best to add socks that have a cool design to them. All you have to do is place them on the pot of your choice and pull them up to cover the entire pot. It will give your garden a different type of look and make a great talking point when you have guests over. 


Baby Jars

If you have some small jars or even baby jars lying around then you can definitely repurpose these items to avoid spending money on planters. All you have to do is add is put some soil and in them along with the seeds or plants and you are done. You can also glue them onto a piece of wood so you can hang the plants on a wall or you can decorate them too. 



Brian Burds

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