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How to Land the Right House for You and Your Family

How to Land the Right House for You and Your Family

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, you might be experiencing the inner doubt or turmoil that so often—and needlessly—plagues first time home buyers. You don’t have to grow gray hairs just because you’re buying a first home. Approach the unknown with confidence and faith and the stars will more often than not align in your favor. There are some prerequisites, of course, some things to keep in mind and sort out before making the leap. This process asks a lot of you and the best approach to this very exciting time is to approach it with confidence and have a good idea of what you need and what you want in a home. We thought we’d assemble some useful tips to help you know when you have found a winner or how to identify a good opportunity and seize it.

Begin with a list of deal breakers. Take a moment to construct a handy list of things that would definitely make you turn away, as it is easy to forget in the heat of the moment. This list might help you see a property that is not what your family needs. For example, if you’re looking for a home that has a specific number of bedrooms, a deal breaker might be a home that is smaller than what you need. This helps you rule out certain properties that might charm you on the surface but not fit the description of what you need.

Listen to your instincts. So this might sound like a very vague piece of advice, but the truth is that by the time you go house hunting—whether it is for a rental property or your first family property—you probably have a vision of what you’re looking for the right house will often speak to you the moment you walk inside. These are the houses where you are able to move past small repairs and you immediately see the potential in it. These instincts will lead you to your right home and help you make the decision quickly and without stress. It’s not advisable to sleep on a house you love for too long, as another buyer can sweep it up from under you.

You instantly begin to visualize. If you walk into a home and immediately visualize your life there; if you can see where you would put the couches and the kid’s room and suddenly the home comes alive to you, this might be the one. Perhaps you start to feel a sense of attachment to the home that looking at other homes seems disloyal and downright impossible.

Consider the area. When coming up with a list of what you’re looking for in a home, you might include some requirements on the surrounding area or neighborhood. Maybe you already have an idea of a particular area of town or perhaps you have no preferred side of town. Either way, being aware and learning a little bit about the surrounding area or asking your agent to tell you about the neighborhood, can come in handy in the future.

Factor in Foreseeable Changes. If you’re planning a life change, a new career, a change of job,  marriage, or children, make sure that that is factored into your home search and at the forefront when you are looking. Envision your future and think whether you see yourself in the home for the next couple of years.

Trust your Agent. A big part of house hunting, of course, involves trusting your agent. A good agent will never pressure you into buying a home you seem uncomfortable in buying, ensure that you trust your agent and you use them as resources for what you need. Ask questions, talk to them frequently, and invite their professional opinion, but don’t let them dictate your final say.

Enjoy and Change your Life!

All good decisions in life can be a little daunting and stressful but in the end they reap new and exciting fruits. Buying a family home is an adventure and we want to be part of it here at the Brian Burds Home Selling Team. We pride ourselves in helping people find the home that speaks to them and help them through the process in an effective and efficient way.




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