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How to Make Your Open House Stand Out

By: Tanya Torres


Photo by Should Wang on Unsplash


When you are selling your home, you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you are making your money back plus interest after everything you put into your home. One of the ways to help you sell your home is having an open house. However, it is important to keep in mind that every person who walks into your home will be viewing other homes too. This is important to consider because it means that they will have an influx of homes on their minds and it can make it difficult to remember every home they see. If you want your home to stand out from the rest of the homes then thinking out of the box will help you tremendously. Sometimes you need more help than the smell of baked goods fresh out of the oven which is why we created a list of ways you can make your open house more memorable. 


Party it Up

Sometimes open houses can be stuffy and overdone. The potential buyers are seeing homes left and right and that means that there is a slim chance that they will remember every home they enter even if they initially liked it. When your home has amazing features like a big backyard perfect for grilling, a nice pool, etc., then the most unique way to get your buyer to feel comfortable and happy is to take advantage of your selling points and throw a party. You can even invite your neighbors which will be a great ice breaker for your buyers and they will create connections way before they sign on the dotted line. 


Free Car Wash

If your open house is during summer or even if it is not but it lands on a warm day then why not take advantage of that perfect day and offer a free car wash? Everyone loves being given free things so if you want to make your open house stand out then offer a free car wash. You can post signs up and gather some neighborhood kids (or your kids) to wash the cars and pay them for their amazing efforts in helping you land a sale. 


Family Friendly Entertainment

It can be difficult for parents to find a babysitter or leave their kids at home while they go out looking at homes. If you want to make your home stand out then making an effort in making it kid-friendly by offering fun games to entertain them while the parents can peacefully look at your home can be a godsend for your buyers. Being a parent is a non-stop job and viewing a home while making sure your kid does not harm themselves can make it hard to focus and the tour will most likely be rushed. Rather than having your buyers feel tense during their visit, you can leave out age appropriate games to occupy any kid’s time while the parents are away can make a huge impact in how the buyers remember your home.


Yard Sale

If you already have a garage full of items that need to be removed from your home then you can easily set up a yard sale while you offer your open house. This can be a great idea since you can advertise your yard sale and open house simultaneously and the best thing about it is that you will also be decluttering your home at the same time. Yard sales always attract a lot of people from all over which means that you might even draw in some potential buyers who had not even heard or seen that your home is for sale. 



You can never go wrong with offering food and baked goods at an open house. When you have your home smelling of delicious foods then it will keep your buyers happy in more ways than one. If you are not a fan of cooking or baking then you can also hire a catering company or even have a food truck pull up so your buyers can have some tasty food on you. This will definitely make your open house one for the books. 


Brian Burds

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