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How to prepare your home for spring

By: Tanya Torres

Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash


When the weather changes from cold to warm then it is time to start preparing for Spring cleaning where everyone opens up their home to allow the sun and fresh air to enter their home. Although we focus all of our cleaning efforts inside of our home, it does not mean that we should neglect the outside of our home. If we are looking to sell our home in the near future or we just want to make it look its best then we will also need to begin focusing on every aspect of our home not just the dusting and vacuuming and the fallen leaves in our yard. If you are not sure how to begin sprucing up your home then we have created some great tips to help prepare your home for spring. 



Cleaning out gutters is always going to be important no matter what season we are in so we might as well get used to it and check them out to avoid any damages. Cleaning our gutters is crucial because not only are we removing any debris from them but it prevents any mold growth from occurring due to any water buildup from twigs, leaves and other debris. To clean out our gutters, we can easily do that with your hands just be sure to wear gloves to avoid any scratches and cuts. Another way to clean out our gutters is by using a hose on any remaining debris left in the gutters. 


Scrub the Walls

One of the most neglected parts of our homes are our walls and anything else that goes on the wall such as the baseboard and the outlets. These areas are neglected because we might not focus our attention on cleaning them because we might not think that we need to clean them. However, if we do not clean them then we are leaving behind anything that has gotten on it like oils and skin particles from our skin after touching the walls constantly along with fingerprints and any sticky candy left by tiny little hands. When we scrub our walls, baseboards and outlets, it keeps our home clean and makes it look clean and fresher. It also ensures that we won’t be dealing with all kinds of germs and becoming sick because of it. 



Changing out our filter should be a normal routine since we are supposed to do it every three to six months depending on the type we have in our home. However, some people tend to forget about changing out their air filter which is a big no no since no one should be walking around their home and inhaling dirty air. Air filters can easily circulate bad air that can make us sick because of all the dust, bacteria and mold that it can carry in the air which is why it is recommended to always change out our air filters. No one likes getting sick and this is part of the reason why people tend to become more sick. This also includes all the other filters such as the water and range hood filters. 


Clean Faucets and Showerheads

Another way to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy is by cleaning faucets and showerheads. Although it might seem weird to clean these objects to ensure that we do not get sick, it is actually very important for us to keep in mind. Faucets and showerheads are actually breeding ground for bacteria because it is a wet environment and wet environments attract bacteria such as Mycobacterium. This bacteria can live in the inside of our shower nozzles and it can potentially cause us to develop lung disease if we ignore it and allow this bacteria to grow in our faucets and showerheads. To clean it we can soak our faucets, shower heads and sink sprayers in an equal parts vinegar and water solution for an hour and then rinse them with warm water. 


Clean Dryer Vent

Although we might be thinking that we always clean out the lint from our dryer vent, we are not exactly cleaning out all of the lint from our dryer. We actually have been only doing part of the job which is why we are recommended cleaning out the vent from the back of the dryer with a vent brush to remove the lint. By cleaning out the vent in our dryer, we are reducing the chance of having a fire start because a clogged dryer vent is a fire hazard. 



No matter what we do, decluttering our home is always the best route to take in caring for our home. No one likes a cluttered home because it looks disorganized and dirty which is why it is always recommended to start doing. A clean and organized home is a happy home because it makes us look and feel good and it opens up the space. 


Brian Burds

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