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How to Reopen Your Business After COVID

By: Tanya Torres

The entire world has been dealing with an ongoing battle to reduce our chances of catching COVID-19 for the past few months since it was discovered. Limiting the chances of the spread of this virus has been difficult for a lot of people to deal with because of the lockdowns that most places have had to go under. Although it has been a tough couple of months because of the pandemic and the virus has yet to stop, a lot of these stay-at-home-orders have started to be lifted allowing gyms, daycares, stores, restaurants and more to open up again as long as the public continues to follow guidelines in the COVID-19 protection. It is important the regulations and guidelines are followed by everyone who enters your business. If you are not sure how to reopen your business safely then here are some tips to get you started.


Come Up with a Safety Plan

Safety plans are always important to be created when it comes to keeping everyone safe in your properties. In order to ensure these safety policies are completely followed at all times, it is important to do research before reopening your store. A lot of people are still feeling unsure about the reopenings of businesses and it is important to keep in mind that there has to be reassurance from the businesses to the public that they are continually following the CDC’s and government’s guidelines to protect everyone from COVID. Printing out posters that tell guests/visitors before they walk into a business about what is expected of them is essential in guaranteeing that the spread of COVID is being focused on. Providing protective equipment for employees and cleaning supplies are things that you will need to be on top of.


Sick Policies

Updating the sick policies is necessary during this crucial time. When we have employees who are becoming sick, they pose an even bigger threat to everyone around them and themselves since their immune system is extremely vulnerable at this time. It is important to update sick policies at this time because it allows the business to take care of their employees and their customers too. The policies that need to be focused on and updated are the following:


  • Emergency paid sick leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
  • Family leave under the FFCRA’s Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act
  • Telecommuting


The policies will be effective until December 31, 2020. 


Contact Employees

Contacting your employees before you decide to reopen again is something that you will need to do as soon as possible. By contacting your employees, you are keeping them in the loop with all of your plans and you will get to speak to them about any store hour changes and other updates that will be happening to reduce the spread of the virus. For example, will your store just be offering curbside, how will employees be able to work alongside each other without compromising themselves, etc. 


Communicate with Customers

Updating your customers during this time is important because you want them to know what you plan to do as the pandemic continues. Take advantage of your email mailing lists, online platforms, etc., to get the word out to your customers that you plan to either stay closed or reopen your store. Keeping your customers in the loop of what you decide will help your business because it will keep your customers happy since they will know what to expect from your business. If you do decide to reopen then it will boost your sales since your customers will know when you will be opening so they can prepare to purchase from you again.


Brian Burds

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