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How to Sell a House That Isn’t Selling

By: Tanya Torres


Selling your home can be tough. You are faced with all sorts of obstacles that can be extremely easy or difficult to complete. It can leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged, especially if your home is still not getting the attention you expected from potential buyers. When your home is stuck in the market for longer than anticipated without receiving a single offer, you might be regretting investing money in the repairs, advertisements or wondering what to do when your home is not selling in El Paso. Here are some tips to help you when your home is not selling. 


Leasing Option

Sometimes figuring out if you should rent or buy a home can be tough. Buying a home is a huge decision and investment to make, you never know if you will like the location of the home and the quirks in a year from now. Purchasing a home can make you feel weary of the future and how you will feel about it in years to come or you may not qualify to purchase a home at this time. The once accessible and quiet neighborhood could change in a matter of a year to something that is loud and filled with people who like to play loud music all night long and more. By offering a leasing option, it makes the hesitant tenant decide if owning a home is the ideal solution or if renting is the better option. It also ensures that the home is well-taken care of too.  


Reduce the Price

When a home is not selling, it is important to look at everything to see if you have covered all of your ground to ensure it sells. Sometimes, homes just don’t see at the price you want them to be at for a number of reasons. However, if you have to sell your home and cannot choose another option then reducing the price may help you successfully sell your home. 



If your home is not selling and you have done all the repairs and updates to guarantee that your home does sell then updating your advertising tactics can help. Changing your tactics by advertising online and using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nextdoor and more) to aid you in finding more prospective buyers can help you tremendously since it gives you other ways to get your home noticed. 


Update Your Home’s Photos

The current pandemic happening and the increasing number of cases occurring in El Paso can make anyone steer far away from businesses and house tours which is why a lot of real estate places focused on 3D tours and more to help make sales. If the photos of your home are not up-to-date and are of bad quality then it is important to hire a professional photographer to take good quality photos of your home. 


Postpone Selling 

When you finally decide to put your home on the market, you also need to be aware of when you are doing so too. If there are a lot of homes for sale then putting your home on the market at that time will not help you in selling your home. There will be too many homes for the buyers to look at and choose from which reduces the chances of your home being sold because of all of the competition. Not only do you have to keep an eye on whether the market is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, but you also have to be aware of when you decide to put your home for sale. For example, if you choose to sell your home in the winter months or during the holidays then you will be seeing less people come visit your home for a tour and you may lose money too since the holidays make it easier to strike up a bargain deal. 



If your home is still not getting any bites and you are in a rush to sell it then instead of selling it at a lower price or including incentives in the sale you can choose to rent it out. You might have a new job waiting for you in another city or other obligations to tend to so renting it out can be a better option for you rather than paying for two homes at the same time. Renting out your home for at least a year will be better for you in the long term if you are unable to sell your home right away. You can wait for a better market to come along while you have some money going covering some of the mortgage payments. 


Brian Burds

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