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How To Win a Bidding War in This Market

Three things you can do to increase your chances of winning a bidding war.

Right now, inventory is very low, and many buyers are looking to purchase. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes are getting an average of 4.8 offers, so how are you going to stand out? Here are three things you can do to win a bidding war in today’s market:

  • Hire a real estate professional who will stand up for you. This business is based on relationships with other agents, and having a good rapport with the seller’s agent can go a long way.
  • Make a competitive offer upfront. Don’t think that you can come in low and anticipate the final number. Put your best foot forward at the very beginning.
  • Do everything possible to create the story. Make sure your down payment is as high as you can comfortably go. Make sure your earnest money is invested in the home. Take on any closing expense that you can because this allows the seller to net more, which makes your offer more attractive.

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Brian Burds

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