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Make A Quick Sale with These Easy Staging Tips

Make A Quick Sale with These Easy Staging Tips

By: Kyle Spearin

Staging is the new go-to approach for getting a home to sell quickly. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to work with a full staging company—and some people just don’t want to! The good news is that you can still stage your home without spending a ton of your own money. With the right approach, you can stage your home like a pro and save a little extra savings too!

Thoroughly Clean Your Home

The biggest part of staging that no one wants to talk about is doing a deep clean. For the best effects with your staging efforts, you should clean like you have never cleaned before. Instead of simply wiping down visible areas and doing a quick vacuum, consider taking it to the next level. It can really help to show your home’s natural beauty.

When most of us are at home, we don’t mind a little light mess. In general, dust and some of those issues just aren’t that big of a deal. But, for a new homeowner, they can be a complete dealbreaker. The reality is that no one is going to be able to truly appreciate your home if it looks lived in. They want a place to see their future, not to feel like they are guests in someone else’s home.

To really benefit your home, take your cleaning to the next level. Scrub those baseboards, clean up those stains, and make sure that every surface could pass a white glove test. The more time you spend cleaning now, the more likely it is that someone will be impressed by your home. Don’t let a messy house keep you from your sale!

Repair and Patch

Little repairs can completely transform a space and you don’t need to be an expert to make them work for you. Any homeowner can manage minor repairs and help dramatically improve the appearance of their home with almost no real price tag. Repairing and patching is inexpensive and can help your home to look brand new. It is something that you won’t really understand in full until you finish doing it.

When you begin your repairs, look for any little spot. Look for scuffs on the walls, holes, or even cracks. There are all kinds of wonderful supplies at your local hardware store, so don’t be shy. Staging your home for quick sale becomes a lot easier when you make it all look brand new. These little changes can really help you to make your old home someone’s new home—and might help it sell for more too!

Paint Over Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a lot of fun, but they are also becoming less trendy. While some people love a neutral space, others are looking for a dramatic pop of color. Painting over these neutral colors can help you to really bring your home a modern look that people will love. Even if your home isn’t brand new, a little design flair can make your buyers see it for the investment it is.

Accent colors are a lot of fun, and they can be done in less dramatic ways. Skip the neutral colors and help your home to stand out by bringing a new look directly into your space. Sometimes it pays to be eye-catching, so don’t hesitate to try something new!

Place Fresh Potted Plants

Plants are a wonderful addition to any home and can work wonders for making a space seem more alive. Not only do plants offer a nice design touch, but they also bring a lively color. Flowers or neutral leafy plants can make your home feel and smell so much better too. Plants naturally increase the oxygen in a space, which can make them perfect for making a room feel better. You will find that their presence tends to shine a little light no matter where you put them.

In order to be successful with this, you will need to maintain them. Adding plants to a space will not do you any favors if you don’t keep them watered and well-trimmed to ensure that they look great. Poorly managed plants will make a buyer question your commitment to maintenance and can send them running in the other direction.

Retouch Bathrooms

An easy tip for staging your home for quick sale involves light bathroom maintenance. Take the time to really focus on what your bathroom has going on. Is there any staining? Has the tile darkened or cracked? What condition is the grout in? Taking the time to clear up your bathroom and conduct basic maintenance can really help you to impress your potential buyers. People love bathrooms when they are looking for a new home!

Remove Memorabilia

This is one of the more common tips, but it really does work wonders. Removing traces of your personal life there can help people to experience the home in a more neutral capacity. Instead of leaving them to wonder whether or not they want to live in your home. Help them to envision their own decorations and living space while keeping the home neutral and open. You want them to see their future in a new home instead of your past in the current one. 

Place Artwork on the Walls

Artwork is such a powerful tool when it comes to easy interior design. Head over to a local store and invest in some cheap and modern art. A little bit of artwork can take a space and make it look like it was designed by a professional—and people love art. Make sure that you choose art that is neutral and completely appropriate, but otherwise, just have fun. A little modern art that matches the color scheme of the room can help your future buyer to see the potential that the space has instead of just leaving them staring at blank walls. This can really help your home to stand out among the others out there.


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