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Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

By: Tanya Torres

During this time of year, everyone is quickly preparing for their taxes since the faster you complete them, the faster you get your return. More people begin to flock to the mall and car dealerships and so on to browse around to see what they want to purchase, but ignore what they actually might need for the home.If you are interested in improving your home to either save you money or help you sell your home then going green is the best bet for you. It can help you tremendously even if you don’t want to sell your home yet. If you are unsure of whether you should make your house eco-friendly then we have a list to help you see the benefits in going green.


Home Value Increases

Increasing your home’s value is something that everyone wants for their home which is why having an eco-friendly home can be so desirable. When you have an eco-friendly home, everything gets better for you such as the bills, the air quality and the overall look and more. Although adding more green friendly appliances and features to your home will make you spend a lot of money, it does allow you to get your money back and more from the various benefits that come from having a eco-friendly home. Lastly, having an eco-friendly home will give you that much-needed edge over the homes that are for sale in your area. 


Save Money

No one likes to spend money, but when you invest in something that you know will give you money back for the purchase then you feel a lot better about the investment. For example, when you own energy-efficient appliances in your home, you will start to see that your bills are reducing. Even if you choose to add better insulation that tightly seals your home better, you will still be saving on your energy bills because of that investment. 


Another way you will save money is through your water bills. Updates to your home that reduce the amount of water that is being run in your home will save you plenty of money. For example, your Energy Star appliances and any water-saving plumbing systems you have installed in your home will cut your water usage down by a lot. Switching out even your old toilet for a new high-efficiency one will instantly have you saving money since newer ones use fewer than 1.3 gallons per flush. In addition to this, you can also conserve more water and save money by using a low-flow sprinkler or an irrigation system. Not only will this addition to your house save you money, but it will actually stop you from overwatering your grass and reduce weed growth. 


Better Air

When you use and have more eco-friendly items in your home, it not only helps you reduce your bills and helps the environment, but it also helps the air quality in your home which also helps your brain. For example, you can use paints and cleaners that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and it will help reduce your exposure to formaldehyde. You can even start by going green with your air filters by purchasing the washable/reusable kind which can save you money, give you great air quality and it is just convenient. 


Reuse materials

Another way you can go green in your home is to reuse the materials that you are thinking about throwing away like those old pieces of wood, old dresser and so on. By using items that you thought were junk, you are reducing the amount of trash that is leaving your home and that would potentially just sit in the dump. Along with reusing items, you can also start recycling too which will definitely make your home look more appealing to buyers if you are selling it since it shows you care about the environment. 


Preserve Your Surroundings

Although you can always add solar panels to your home to help the environment, this option is not always readily available for most people since it can cost you quite a bit. However, another way to save you money and reduce your impact on the environment is to add trees, bushes and flowers in your lawn. Although it is necessary to cut down or remove any obstructions from your home to prevent damages and harm from happening, it does not mean that you have to remove everything completely. By doing this, it will keep your house shady and cool during the hot summer months along with acting like a barrier during the cold windy winter days and nights.


Brian Burds

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