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Montana Expressway

Montana Expressway

By: Tanya Torres

How the Mountain freest will make your life easier, but first will make your life more difficult. A run down of construction schedule and long term benefits

El Paso’s population continues to grow which is resulting in a lot of heavy traffic even in hours that never had traffic in prior years. If you’re sitting there comparing the old traffic days and what is presently happening and cannot come up with a reason why it changed then keep in mind that Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) was built originally for a set number of people living in it. The city continues to expand, which is why the city is continually reconstructing the streets of El Paso and now it has made its way onto Montana, deeming it the Montana Expressway project.

Last year it was announced in January 2019 that Montana Avenue would be finally be seeing a resolution to its traffic. However, before that could happen, the residents would have to endure even more traffic due to the construction. The expressway would ease the traffic along Montana through Global Reach Drive and on both sides of Loop 375. 

TxDOT reminds drivers that the construction crew will be testing the density of the roads before they begin construction to ensure that they prevent potholes from happening. Along with testing the roadsites, the crew will also be conducting the utility and drainage work before they being the roads. 

Although drivers will continue to have to leave home early and plan different routes to avoid being late to their destination when construction is happening, once the frontage road and ramp is completed it will lessen the traffic as the crew continues on the rest of the project. 

TxDOT will also be adding two direct connector ramps at Montana and Global Reach Dr. along with adding four connector ramps on Montana and on both sides of Loop 375. TxDOT estimates the construction will be completed in less than three years.

Once the expressway is completed, it will quickly decrease the amount of time we will be stuck in our cars during rush hour. Although it will be extremely inconvenient especially when all of El Paso is dealing with traffic on a daily basis, the end result will prove beneficial in the long run. 

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Brian Burds

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