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Moving Cross-Country? Here are a Few Ideas to Keep in Mind.

Moving across the country can be a thrilling decision to make. It offers so much opportunity and a chance to explore a new place, but it doesn’t come easy in some cases. A move this big challenges everyone, whether you’re going three states over or seven—and regardless of who you are moving with. Overseas relocations can offer even more problems with legal boundaries. To explain how cross-country moves work, we wanted to share our favorite moving cross-country tips.

Checklist When Moving Cross-Country

Before you can move across the country, you need a plan—and a good one too. There are some key choices that should be made in advance, so don’t be the person who tries to run this move last-minute. It won’t work out and you will be wishing you hadn’t.

Start Planning as Soon as Possible

Moving in general is stressful, but moving cross-country can be even more difficult. To dodge the worst outcomes, you need to start planning as soon as you can. Sort where everything is going and create a specific timeline that you can follow to be successful.

Know the Costs

Moving cross-country costs are high, so you need to be prepared. Start pricing out your moving expenses in advance so you know exactly how much you need. Then, start to map out how much extra you can save for any unexpected expenses that will pop up.

Hire Good Movers

Your moving team is going to be your primary lifeline while you move across the country. These people will be responsible for all of your possessions, which means you need a good team that you can trust. Make sure that you research a team and see what other customers have said about them to ensure the best possible outcome.

Long Distance Moving Tips

While moving long-distance can be trying, it can also be a lot of fun. With the right approach, you will find that your move can go surprisingly well. It is all a matter of being prepared and some good old-fashioned luck.

Look at Different Movers

A big mistake some people make is hiring the first movers that they find. While those folks might be great movers, you really should compare before making a choice. There are plenty of teams that specialize in this kind of move, so shop around and make sure to talk to different teams.

Schedule Extra Time

If you can swing it, scheduling extra time for your move can make for a much more relaxing experience. When you know that you have a couple of days to make sure everything works out, it will be much easier to deal with certain setbacks—and it gives you time to brush up on moving cross-country tips.

Everything You Need to Know When Moving Cross-Country

When you are moving cross-country, it is important to know every detail about your plan. Know what day your move will begin. Know how you plan to get there, and who will be helping you to make it all possible. Make sure that you have a completely detailed breakdown of schedules, as well as where your belongings will be at any given time, and make a plan to calm down and reset in the event that something goes wrong.

Moving Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

Moving can be difficult, and it can also make you feel like you’re losing your mind. No, this won’t always happen, but most people hit at least one point where they just want everything to slow down. Here’s how to avoid it.

Stick to the Plan

If someone tries to convince you to lessen your plan or make changes, don’t do it unless there is a really good reason to do so. Sticking to your plan can keep everything moving along and help you to stop running into issues.

Be Adaptable

While it would be nice for everything to go according to plan—and you should fight for that—some changes are unavoidable. Remind yourself that with so many moving parts, it is easy to run into trouble, and you need to roll with the punches.

Things to think About Before Relocating Across the Country with Children

Children can make a cross-country move even more difficult. Some of the best moving cross-country tips are about children, and it is easy to see why. If possible, keep the kids with a family member or friend during the move. This will allow you to focus on the move.

If that isn’t possible, have a clear plan for the kids. Consider entertainment, snacks, drinks, and anything else they might need. You want to keep your kid happy and comfortable so that you can focus on the move. Try turning it into an adventure for the whole family.

Moving During COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought challenges that none of us could have predicted, and it is impacting moving. Before you make a plan to move, do your research to know all of the COVID restrictions that might cause problems. Ask about COVID-19 policies with movers and your property owner to ensure that everything goes well and everyone stays safe.

Moving During the Winter

The winter can be a difficult time to move because of the added weather concerns, but it is manageable. Before you plan your big move, make sure you check out the weather and what you can expect during your journey. Consider roadblocks, flight delays, and emergency needs. Above all else, a cross-country move in winter should be focused on safety.

Final Thoughts

Moving across the country has some unique challenges, but it is also so exciting. With some amazing long-distance moving tips, you will be prepared to make it happen. Remember that you can plan and end up with a great move—but if something goes wrong, that is okay too. The moment that you arrive at your new home, it will all be worth it, especially if you get to upsize your home. Take your time during the move, and always remember to focus on how exciting this new opportunity is. Your new life is about to begin.


Brian Burds

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