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Paint: The Most Affordable Way to Increase Your Home’s Value

By: Kyle Spearin

Paint is the most underrated instrument of any home transformation. 


With a few cans of paint, you can make a room look brand new. All it takes is a little bit of time and some elbow grease–unless you hire professionals, then it takes even less! 


The best part about all of this?


It’s extremely cheap–on average, a gallon of paint costs about $30. Yes, you’ll probably need more than a gallon of paint to transform your house, but there’s no better ROI (return on investment) than paint. 


Paint makes a huge difference.


It’s the first thing people notice when they walk into a room. To make a good impression, it’s important to give people something aesthetically pleasing to look at. This will increase your home value with minimal money out of pocket.


There’s almost nothing you can’t paint in a house, but here are some suggestions to guide you.


  1. Kitchen Cabinets

If you choose to replace your kitchen cabinets during a remodel, this could easily exceed $10,000. For this reason, you should try working with what you have. 


Rather than double your budget unnecessarily, get creative and save boat loads of money. First, scrub the cabinets inside and out until they actually look and feel clean. This can be time consuming, but it will help the paint glimmer and not look greasy.


Then, sand every cabinet until they’re smooth, level, and easier to paint. You can do this by hand or use an electric sander (recommended).


Once this is done, the cabinets are ready to paint. Depending on the previous color of your cabinets, you might need to use a coat of kilz as a primer before putting your choice of paint. If you’re not sure what color to paint your cabinets, consider black or white. Be sure to take into account the color of the room itself, the backsplash, and countertops. Each of these colors creates contrast depending on your other scenery. 

A final note on cabinets unrelated to paint. Changing fixtures to create a more modern look can also be a cost effective way to level up your cabinets.


  1. Entire Rooms

Imagine walking into a room painted bright orange.


Much to the despair of potential home buyers, this actually happens at home showings more often than it should happen. Nothing is a bigger turn off to buyers than walking into a room and hating the aesthetics.


In order to avoid this scenario, why not be preemptive?


Throw a fresh coat of paint on your walls and avoid this problem altogether. If you plan on selling in the near future, you should use neutral colors. Some examples are white, beige, and grey variations. These colors enable potential buyers to visualize themselves living in a space more easily which you want if you’re selling. It also plays to the mainstream crowd, attracting more people to your open house by pictures they saw online.


An often forgotten part of painting a room is the ceiling. Without addressing this, your rooms will either look like they were done is a slapdash manner or look worse than they did without new paint. When painting the rest of your room, take the time to add a nice new coat of white or eggshell paint to your ceiling. 


This will make everything stand out and make the room feel complete.


Even if you don’t plan on selling, a layer of paint can up the value of your house. Let’s pretend you want to refinance or take out a home equity loan. During this process, the bank will appraise your home value to determine what you can borrow. If an appraiser comes to your house and it is clean with new paint, it will make the house appear “nicer.” Although all appraisers are different, this could get them to up the value of your house if it appears to be more updated with new paint. 


For such a minimal cost, it’s worth doing either way. 


  1. Anything Else Wood Colored

You can pretty much paint anything in your house to give it a newer look. That said, just because you can doesn’t mean you should paint EVERYTHING–don’t go painting your floors or your kids as a weekend project. 


Instead, consider the following ways to make use of paint throughout your house.


Spindles and Railings

Do you have stairs in your house?


A great way to draw attention to them is by painting the spindles and railings. If you have original wood spindles and railings,paint them white. This will make them pop rather than being a forgotten element of your home.



Did you know that having a black or charcoal front door increases your home’s value by $6,000?


In addition to painting your front door, you should consider painting your interior doors as well. Original wood doors are out of style and antiquated. Go with white or eggshell interior to contrast (without clashing) with your newly painted rooms.


Like your kitchen cabinets, new door handles and also modernize the appearance of doors.


Window Sills and Baseboards

Pretend you have a beautiful, brand new bay window in your living room. People come over, but no one notices. This means that you’re not drawing enough attention to it!


Paint can be your best friend.


After cleaning off your window sills, go back and paint them white. Again, this will help draw attention to areas (like a new window) that would otherwise be overlooked. In addition, taking the time to paint your baseboards can make your entire house appear cleaner.


Even the little things count, don’t forget to paint your window sills and baseboards.


Final Thoughts

Paint is the most affordable way to increase your home’s value. By putting a new coat of paint throughout your house, it will look brand new. The best part is that it won’t cost much money! Click here to check out an estimate to see how much it’ll cost to paint your home! 


Brian Burds

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