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Pizza Places to Visit in El Paso

Pizza Places to Visit in El Paso


By: Tanya Torres


When lunchtime or dinner time rolls around, you sometimes don’t feel like having your leftovers or that sandwich you packed for work. You might be too tired to make food or you just don’t want to run to the store for some might be craving a pizza or an Italian dish, whatever the reason you don’t want to try to figure out where to go get the best pizza in town. Instead of searching pizza near me, we have created a list that offers some great pizza choices for you. 

Are you craving something different than Pizza Hut and Little Caesars? Well, head on over to St. Augustine Artisan Pizza + Craft Beer and order yourself an artisan, brick-oven pizza made fresh, fast and delicious. St. Augustine offers vegan and vegetarian pizzas along with their pizzas with the normal toppings, Good Pastor, Margherita Pizza, Grasshopper, Brunch Pizza, Dante’s Inferno Pizza and wings. And yes you read that right, St. Augustine does offer pizza that has grasshoppers on it and it is surprisingly very popular. Stop by and try the grasshopper pizza if you dare but be prepared to be spending tons of time at this restaurant notonly because of the great atmosphere and customer service but because their pizzas are that good.


House of Pizza is notorious in El Paso for being one of the best places to go to for pizza. It has been around for a long time and has continued to bring in people at both of their locations; downtown El Paso and in Piedras. Although their name has pizza in it, it does not mean they only offer pizzas. The restaurant offers hot subs, pasta chips, desserts and salads and all of the items will definitely satisfy anyone’s hunger. Before you head to either location, be sure to bringcash as they do not accept debit or credit as of yet.


The great thing about The Pizza Joint is that all locations offer big slices of pizza that guarantee their customers will leave feeling full and happy. The locations all have an artistic, fun vibe to them and offers a generous amount of pizza for an inexpensive cost. The Uptown location is right across from UTEP’s Don Haskins Center which means it is in walking distance from UTEP. This allows students and faculty to walk over to their location and purchase a pizza or wings for their lunch or dinner. During the weekend, the Pizza Joint also stays open until 3am, allowing those who are out and about to head over there and get a slice or two to end their night. 


When you walk into Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, you will be pleasantly surprised with the amazing atmosphere in the building and the sound of Frank Sinatra’s voice playing throughout the restaurant. You can either choose to eat inside or eat outside depending on how the weather is and how many people are at the restaurant.  The menu at Grimaldi’s consist of pizza, calzones, gluten friendly pizza, desserts and more. There is also a birthday email list that you can sign up for to get a free pizza with your purchase.

Rulis International Kitchen offers a lot of different types of food at their restaurant and all of them are worth the price. Their woodfire pizzas will leave you wanting more as you finish the last bite of your pizza. You can either build your own pizza and has more than a dozen toppings to choose from or you can choose from the nine specialty pizzas they offer from the Mexican pizza to Green Curry. You can’t go wrong at Rulis International Kitchen.


There is no need to worry when it comes to not being able to eat at Ardovino’s Pizza due to lack of space since the restaurant has five locations in El Paso to choose from. Although Ardovino’s has a wide range of dishes, they do present some mouth-watering pizzas like the traditional pizza, gourmet pizzas, the house favorites and calzones. There are plenty of pizzas to pick from your lunch and dinner and all of them are made with fresh ingredients and are promptly given to you after it is finished baking in the oven. 


Pieology Pizzeria has three locations in El Paso and they offer a build your own pizza experience. When you first enter the restaurant, you will be asked what type of pizza you want and toppings you would like to include in your pizza. You will have to go down the line of toppings and tell them which one you would like to add and then head over to the register to pay for your pizza. It’s a fun experience because you get to look at everything in person rather than read everything off a menu. It’s a nice interaction with the employees and it makes you feel like you really did create-your-own pizza.

Are you interested in having an all around authentic Italian experience? If so, then you will have to try Forma Pizzeria. The pizzeria has been providing catering services to El Paso with their addicting wood-fired pizzas since 2008 with their pizzas, antipasto, desserts, creamy gelato and salads. You can choose from 13 signature pizzas from the Margarita, Della Fattoria, the Tony, Hualalai Hawaii to the Bianca and so on or create your very own pizza and salad or order a combo (pizza and a drink, pizza and a salad or all three). From the moment you step into the pizzeria, you will be in awe with the welcoming environment, staff and the delicious aromas of all of their dishes. The prices are reasonable and it is an ideal place for any type of person to go to, no matter if it is coworkers, family, friends or a date. 

Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe is located in the 5points area which is on Montana Avenue. The business provides an array of dishes for you to grub on along with an amazing atmosphere and it is also pretty inexpensive. Although cafe is in the name of the restaurant, it also serves as a bar where people can listen to poetry, music and satisfy their pizza cravings with their 2 Meat Pitza, Mushroom Chicken Pitza, Pesto Pitza, the Works Pitza and so on. All around the Joe and Bronsons Bohemian Cafe is the ideal place for anyone to visit especially if they are in the mood for pizza. 

Cafe Italia is also a well-known restaurant in El Paso especially because of their pizza. Although it may seem somewhat pricey, but each bite of your dish will be worth every penny.The great thing about Cafe Italia is that they recommend your choice of soup or half salad along with your pizza but this offer is only for lunch dine in only. The restaurant also makes their very own nutella calzoni or you can choose a margherita calzoni. Another thing to take away from this restaurant is that they allow customers to bring their own wine, the bottle fee is $5 and it will just add to your tasteful Italian dinner. 

If you’re feeling like trying some New York Pizza and pasta made by a 3-Time Award-Winner from the Annual International Pizza Expo then head over to Hello Pizza. The pizza restaurant is based in El Paso and is located on country club road. Although it is admittedly a long drive, it will be well worth it once you reach your pizza destination especially if it’s on Italian Soda Tuesdays. Hello Pizza provides all you can drink Italian sodas for only $4.95. These drinks will definitely go well with your choice of your hand-tossed pizza, cheese sticks, wings and so on. 

If you are in downtown El Paso then you will need to check out Luigi’s Homestyle Pizza. For their all-you-can-eat buffet. Not only will you be able to eat as much pizza as possible, but the restaurant presents all types of pasta dishes, subs, salads, calzones, hot wings and most importantly bread. The business has been around for quite a while and continues to be a hidden gem for anyone who ventures to it. 

NYP Slice Pizza

Finally added an El Paso location not that long ago and it right away had people flocking to it. The pizza uses ingredients that are imported from Naples, Italy, making the tasting experience as authentic as ever. Not only does NYP offers some delicious pizzas, but it offers meatballs, bread sticks, calzones, sandwiches and even cannolis. It’s a great spot to eat pizza, drink beer, wine and watch sports too.


Brian Burds

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