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Preparing Your Lawn for Summer

By: Tanya Torres

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

With summer approaching El Paso, we want our homes looking their best and that means breaking out the lawnmower to clean up our yards. As we have learned from tips on selling our homes, our lawns have an important role for us and that is attracting people to look at the curb appeal of our home. If you are a new homeowner or you have never mowed the lawn in your life (it can happen) then the thought of mowing your own lawn can be scary and worrisome because you might not know what to do to make your yard look appealing. However, we have prepared a list to help you prepare your lawn just in time for summertime.

Prepare the Lawnmower
During the colder months, we tend to not use our lawnmowers as much as the warmer weather because there is not much to do during the colder months when it comes to lawn care. This is something that is very crucial when it comes to caring for our lawn because if we decide to mow our lawn during the winter then it could potentially damage the roots of the grass and can cause the blades to cut unevenly because of how wet the lawn is. To have our lawns looking great, it is best to trim the grass once a week in the springtime and twice a week in the summer which will also reduce the amount of times we have to go out and mow the lawn.

Remove Weeds and Clean Yard
Before we begin mowing the lawn, we have to first clean and remove any debris and clutter in the lawn that the past season has left for us. Pick up leaves, branches, rocks, weeds and anything else that is lurking in the yard to ensure our lawnmower does not get overwhelmed and damaged when it is in use. It is also important to continue doing this throughout summer because it reduces the chances of dealing with a huge amount of weeds and more in the yhard in the future.

Feed the Lawn Generously
Our lawns will need nourishment to look beautiful and green, especially in spring and the summertime since it is actively growing and will require to be fed for nourishment. For the summertime, we will need to use summer fertilizer to encourage the grass to grow strong and healthy and to prevent weeds. By adding fertilizer to our lawns, it not only makes it look healthier and nicer, but it also allows other plants to grow more easily.

Water Responsibly
Although we might want a dark green yard for our home, sometimes we cannot use the amount of water we would like to use due to droughts. Other times, we might not know when to stop watering it which can potentially lead to killing any chances of a green yard due to overwatering. Watering is extremely important to keep an eye out on the amount of water we use for our yard. If the weather brings a lot of rain then there is obviously no reason to water the yard. However, if there it is not the rainy season then we can choose to water our yards once or twice a week. It is also best to water either very early in the morning or at night so it gives it enough time for the grass to absorb the water instead of reducing the amount of time it has to absorb it.

Mowing the Grass
Staying on top of our mowing duties is one way to ensure that our yard looks better than our neighbors and that is something everyone wants. To guarantee that this happens, all we have to do is cut the one-third top portion of the grass , mow in the springtime, do not mow excessively in the summer and raise the height of the lawnmower. Lastly, mow at least two to three times per week (depending on rain) while keeping the yard clean.


Brian Burds

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