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Q: Which Items Stay With the Property After the Home Sale?

Q: Which Items Stay With the Property After the Home Sale?

There are certain items in your home that stay with the property after the sale—unless specifically excluded.

So you’ve gotten through the sale of your property and negotiated the terms, resources, price, etc. Congratulations! Now, however, you need to determine what gets transferred with the property. Which items stay with the property after the sale unless specifically excluded? Here are the main four to know: 

1. Window treatments. This means shutters, blinds, or any treatments that have been physically attached to the wall. This item is mentioned in the One to Four Family Residential Contract, so it goes with the property unless it’s added as an exclusion. If you love your window treatments and would rather see them come with you, talk to your Realtor about adding this exclusion. 

2. Kitchen appliances. The refrigerator is not considered a conveyable item, but the stove, oven, and any over-the-hood range—microwave or not—goes with the property. The same goes for dishwashers because these items are considered physically attached to the property. 

3. Flat-screen TVs. This item always gets missed and it usually causes trouble. The TVs themselves don’t maintain with the property, but the mounts that attach them to the wall do. Don’t take these off the walls after the point of sale, because it may lead to a legal issue if you haven’t added them as an exclusion. 

4. Shrubbery and flowers. If you decide that you want to take these items, they also need to be added as an exclusion, as they’re also considered a permanent attachment and will convey to the buyer upon the point of sale. 

These are just a few of the more popular items to be aware of, so if you’d like to know more about differentiating real property from personal property, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to help.


Caitie Neal

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