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The Difference Between Listing Agents and Selling Agents

a real estate agent handing keys to a young coupleThe two most common reasons people move is to find a better (or less expensive) home and because of family. Whether one of these is your reason or not, you are going to need a real estate agent. When you begin to search for one, you find that there are two different kinds. Some are listing agents and others are selling agents. There is a difference, and it matters. No matter what you require, the Brian Burds Home Selling Team can help.

What Are Listing Agents?

To make things even more confusing, a real estate agent that is classified as a listing agent can also be called a selling agent. That is because he or she works for the seller of the property. He or she is charged with marketing the property in a way that gets the most money in the shortest period of time with the least amount of stress.

A listing real estate agent will research the going price of similar homes in the El Paso area in order to educate the seller on how much the property should be listed for. In addition, he or she will have pictures taken. Those pictures will be used both online in a searchable database and in brochures, as well.

What About Selling Agents?

In the other corner is the real estate agent known as the selling agent. As you may have guessed by now, the selling agent works for the buyers. He or she is responsible for finding properties of interest, with the specifications you desire, in your price range.

He or she is also your representative when you find a house you want to make your home. That means that the agent will negotiate to try and get the lowest possible price for the property. He or she must also disclose anything and everything known about the property, good and bad.  However, in most cases, you do not pay them, at least not directly. The selling agent gets part of the commission that is paid to the listing agent.

Brian Burds, Your El Paso Real Estate Agent

While many real estate agents can wear both hats, they usually do not do so on the same property as it is a difficult feat. If this situation ends up happening, the agent must disclose their role with both parties involved. Additionally, both parties must agree, in writing, to the arrangement before any further steps can be taken. Furthermore, no personal information about either party can be disclosed. Often times, many listing agents will not work with anyone that is not represented by a selling agent so as to avoid inadvertently being placed in this situation. Regardless of whether you need a listing agent or a selling agent, if you are in the El Paso area, call the Brian Burds Home Selling Team. He will help you with all of your property needs.



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