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Real Scary Real Estate

Buying and Selling homes can be stressful and cause tons of Anxiety if you are not prepared to make the plunge of buying or commit to the move for selling. This is the conundrum that is El Paso Real Estate and dealing with it can be a full time job. This is why deciding to hire the professional in the equation is always paramount. Other wise you will be faced with cold sweats at night and nightmares of real estate agents coming out of the ground like zombies.

El PAso Zombie

Professionals can ease the pain and make the process more manageable. By no means will the process ever become easy but by making sure you pic the right agent you life can find some ease. The operative buying and selling can be scary   word is “right” I often times become El Paso buyer and sellers’ second agent because the last Agent didn’t do a good job or because they never calle back. These are all notorious traits of many realtors and why it is so important to find the right one.

el paso home buying is scary


Now how do you find “the one”

First: Dont Hire Friends or Family -Listen I am one of if not the best agent in El Paso and I will Tell you that hiring me if we are good friends is not a good idea. It is too easy to ask for forgiveness from a friend.

Second : Dont hire the rookie unless they are focused on Real Estate. You need someone versed in contracts and advertising and the only way to get that experience is learning it from another professional and dedication or time served .

Third : Dont Hire a West Side Agent For a East Side Deal . Listen many agents focus in El Paso on certain areas. This is not bad for them but can be really bad for you . find someone who has worked in on other deals in the area

Forth Do your homework Dont jut hire the first Realtor through the door make sure they fit your needs and hold them accountable for their pitch. Fire them if they dont do the job

Fifth : Make sure they match your personality. I am lucky I have many admin that have different personalities because clients are not always going to see things eye to eye with a agents and need to make sure they can communicate.


Brian Burds

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