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Remodeling Projects to Avoid 

Remodeling Projects to Avoid

By: Tanya Torres


Photo by Tiago Aguiar on Unsplash


When you own your home, making improvements to it is just that much easier for you to do. You have this urgency to continue to improve it to fit your needs and style no matter how big or small the project is at the time. Improving your home is something that you do not mind to do, but sometimes these improvements may not be what is best for your home if you’re not planning on staying there in the future. If you’re planning on selling your home then making costly home improvements will not be what is best for you financially and could end up costing you more than the modifications were initially when it comes down to selling it. To avoid these problems, we have put together a list of modifications that you might want to steer clear of in the future.


Home Office

You may think that remodeling a bedroom into a home office will be a great idea, especially since you work from home. However, if you’re planning on moving in a few years then remodeling a bedroom into an office will not help you at all. Buyers are looking for a set amount of bedrooms and if one has been changed into an office then they will be seeing additional dollar signs that they will be spending if they choose to purchase your home. This will definitely prevent your buyer from choosing to buy your home because they may not be as thrilled as you are to have an office over a bedroom. Not only will a home office not help when selling your home, but you will only recoup less than half of what you spent since technology is always changing. 



Adding an in-ground pool can keep you looking and feeling cool in this Texas weather, but it might not be what future owners are looking to have in their home. By adding a pool, you could be decreasing your chances of selling your home since a potential buyer will only look at it as extra money to spend on and a pain to keep clean. Not only will it look like a money pit for a potential buyer, but it will be a safety hazard for buyers who have small children. In addition to being a safety hazard, but it can raise your own homeowners insurance and energy costs. 


Fancy Kitchens

Fancy kitchens may be appealing for people who love to cook and bake but for homeowners who just want an easy to use kitchen then it can be unappealing for them. You might think your customized kitchen is the best thing in the world, but your tastes will be completely different to the potential buyers looking at your home. This could drastically decrease the desire to want to purchase your home. Lastly, adding a fancy schmancy kitchen will not help you recoup all of what you paid in these modifications.


Whirlpool baths

Relaxing in a warm bath can be the greatest thing in this world besides sleeping in or getting a good amount of sleep. However, before you invest in a whirlpool bath, you might want to consider whether you will be staying long term in your home or not. If you’re going to live in your home for the rest of your life, then go ahead and invest in that luxurious new bath you have been dreaming about. You will only see the benefits for the rest of your life as you settle in a warm, bubble bath after a grueling long day of work. However, if you’re looking to sell then you might want to hold off on purchasing a fancy bath. When a potential buyer is looking at your home, they might love the fact that your home has a whirlpool bath. However, once they find out the cost in keeping up with the bath to ensure it functions properly and the high energy bills then they might not consider buying your home. 


Expensive Landscaping

Creating a backyard paradise can be very nice for your home since it improves the way your home looks. However, when you decide to sell your home you won’t add to the amount you are selling your home, especially if it is over the top. Instead of spending a lot of money by investing way too much in plants and scenery that only you would like, you could make changes to your lawn for your curb appeal. When you work on your curb appeal, it is less expensive than investing in landscaping and it will grab the attention of buyers for a good reason. Rather than the potential buyers see an expensive upkeep, they will see a well-kept lawn, nice trees and beautiful flowers. 


Garage Additions

When you have a brand new car that isn’t parked in a safe place because your home lacks a garage then adding a garage to your home can be beneficial, especially if you’re planning to live in your home for a long time. However, if you think that adding a garage can generate more money toward your asking price then you will have to put a stop to that remodel. Adding a garage will not help you get back all of the money you spent on this new addition to your home. It might help you gain back a fraction of what you spent since garage additions can cost a good chunk of money. Stay on the safe side if you’re planning to sell your home in the future and leave the garage addition plan to the next homeowner. 



Brian Burds

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