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Renovations that Add to Your Home’s Value

Renovations that Add to Your Home’s Value


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There are many ways to decrease and increase your home’s value. Although your focus is on increasing your value, you might end up doing the opposite after picking the wrong places in your home. Once this happens, you will be faced with a depreciating home value along with a costly mistake that hopefully you will learn from. However, it is always best to avoid paying for something that might not benefit you in the long run. To prevent spending a pretty penny on a mistake, we have created a list for you to ensure that you never have to regret a remodel again. 


Basic Updates

It is always important to continually check your home for any problems that might need to be resolved as soon as possible. By doing this, you will be avoiding having to pay a lot of money that could have initially been less than $30 or so. 


The first kind of remodeling you want to work on would be the basic updates to your home. Basic updates could mean having a coat of fresh paint on your walls, plumbing, electrical issues or keeping an eye out for any leaks or mold in the home. If you do spot any leaks in your roof then it is always best to fix this to prevent any complications like rotted wood and more. By doing this as soon as you spot it, you will prevent any health issues from occurring and it will save you a great deal of pain and money. These updates are important not only when you have guests over but when you finally decide to sell your home. It will show interested buyers that your home has been taken care of and it will increase your chances of selling your home quickly. 


Energy-Efficient Windows

Saving money is something everyone thinks about whether it is for your car, clothes, food or your home. There are many ways to save money, but some of them will make you want to steer far away from them because they can cost a lot in the beginning. One update that can save you a lot of money would be adding energy-efficient windows to your home. Not only does energy-efficient homes help with any drafts while keeping you warm or cool during all the seasons, it can help you make up the money you paid to add them to your home. According to Energy Star’s website, after installing and replacing single-pane windows, you can save $126-$465 a year. Even double-pane, clear glass replacement windows can save you $27-$111 a year after installation. Although these replacements can become costly ($7,500-$10,000 or more), you will get a break with how much these windows save you per year along with receiving a green energy tax credit. In the end, you will be helping the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money too. 


Energy-Efficient Insulation

If you’re looking to save money then adding energy-efficient insulation is your next stop in updating your home. By adding energy-efficient insulation to your home it will help with any problems with hot and cold air entering the home. Energy-efficient insulation is one of the things that show up on inspection reports when you are considering selling your home. If you’re hoping to avoid any additional costs then this update is something that you should not avoid because it will cost you a sale once your home is on the market. Potential buyers are looking for ways to save money and seeing a home without any energy saving modifications can prevent them from buying the home. Once you decide on adding energy-efficient insulation to your home, you will see that this update will be saving you as much or even more like the windows will be too. 



In every home show on tv, the kitchen is fundamental in anyone’s home search because it is the heart of the home. Remodeling a kitchen can end in either a good or bad way depending on what you have done to it and whether you go overboard or not. Although the kitchen is important in selling a home, the kitchen also has to be consistent with the style and theme of the home. You can’t remodel your kitchen to look different than the rest of the home. By doing that, it will result in the potential buyer becoming uninterested in purchasing your home because they will have to be fixing your mistake after purchasing it.

Adding a fresh coat of paint with modern colors will be an inexpensive way to update your kitchen without having to make it look like a deluxe kitchen. After repainting your home, you can even start updating your old appliances to energy-efficient models. This will make your kitchen look good while saving you money and helping the environment. 


Additional Bathroom

When a person is looking for a new home to live in, they are looking to see what the house has to offer them. Even if the person will be living on their own, they are still interested in having multiple rooms and that includes bathrooms. No one wants to just have one bathroom in their home especially if they will be entertaining multiple guests in their home. If your home only has one bathroom then adding an additional bathroom will be extremely beneficial for yourself and future owners too along with helping you make a sale and earn more money. 


New Room

Updating an old attic, garage or basement can really help you in the long run especially if you are interested in saving money. By updating either of these rooms, you can potentially rent it out or have a place to play games, do crafts, have guests stay in and so on. Additionally, by updating these areas, you will also be increasing your chances of having more buyers interested in your home and increasing the sale price. Although this update can be rather expensive, it will help you save in the future when modified correctly. 


Brian Burds

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