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Selling Your Home — Tips for Pet Owners

a real estate agent who's ready to help you with selling your homeWhether you have a dog, a cat, or a pet rabbit, chances are that you love your pets. Pets are our friends, our running buddies, our round-the-clock cuddlers, and our conversation partners. When it comes to selling a home, however, pets can also present a challenge. You want people to be able to imagine themselves in your home, and home buyers are sometimes put off by pets. If you are a pet lover that is currently selling your home, The Brian Burds Home Selling Team has some tips that will help you prepare your home for sale.

Why Don’t Buyers Like Pets?

Many buyers do like pets, of course, but there are a few reasons that some buyers may be uncomfortable with pets in their prospective home:

  • Allergies
    • Some people are allergic to dog and cat hair. These allergies tend to cause eyes to water and eye-watering and sneezing when they enter a residence that includes pets.
  • Nervousness
    • Other buyers may have had a bad experience with pets in the past, causing them to feel nervous or anxious around pets.
  • Distractions
    • Pets are generally quite loving, but prospective buyers may find their panting and slobbering distracting rather than welcoming. This may cause a major setback if you are working at selling your home.

Selling Your Home with Pets

  • Enlist a Neighbor for Help
    • The most cost-effective and time-efficient option is to ask a neighbor for help. When a showing occurs, your neighbor may be willing to watch your pet for an hour or so. All formal walk-throughs are scheduled in advance so your neighbor will have plenty of time to prepare. If your neighbor is willing to help, be sure to bake them cookies and give them a nice thank you card! When you succeed in selling your home, they won’t be your neighbors anymore. This act of gratitude can go a long way and cement neighborly friendship and memories in stone. 
  • Consider Pet Boarding
    • We understand that most pet lovers would never consider this, but hear us out. Your pet will be miserable when cooped up in a garage or in locked in the backyard every time a walk-through occurs. It is nearly impossible to make your house dandruff-free when your pet is still living there during the selling process. Many kennels are like pet hotels, with lavish treatment and long-stay options. Your pet will have a blast, and you will get ahead with selling your home.
  • Clean Everything
    • If you decide to keep your pets in your home during the selling process, make sure to vacuum once or twice per day to get rid of pet hair. Remove all signs of your pet (food dishes, leashes, litter boxes, etc.) when potential buyers come to visit. To get rid of odors, open up windows to air out your home. Sprinkling baking soda on your carpet and letting it sit for a few hours before vacuuming can also help absorb pet-related odors. A candle can also help, but make sure the scent isn’t too overpowering!

A Real Estate Agent Has More Tips

If you are a pet owner who is looking to sell your home, ask a real estate agent, such as the Brian Burds Home Selling Team, for advice. Depending on the type, size, and disposition of your pet, your agent may suggest different options than the one listed here. Remember that at the end of the day, you will be reunited with your pet in a new, pet-friendly home!




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