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Selling Your Home? Consider Having It Staged

Selling Your Home? Consider Having It Staged

By: Kyle Spearin

Selling an uninhabited home is generally the first priority for homeowners. Since you don’t have the benefit of living in the home, it can be a costly expense that just isn’t worth it—even if you own the home. Most of us would prefer not to pay for something that we aren’t using, which is why so many homeowners are turning to staging. Staging is a new real estate trick that is boosting sales around the globe. In this post, we will discuss this trick and how it can help you to sell your home!

What Is Staging?

Staging is the simple act of having your home staged for the benefit of interested buyers. To have a home staged, you will work with a team of professionals who will set the home up with a signature and modern interior look. These design experts will bring your home straight into the future and add engaging design elements that will really catch the interest of any buyers. It is a temporary boost for an empty home.

Using Staging To Catch Interest

Staging will automatically increase the general interest in your home because of how nice it will look. Sometimes, homes simply do not sell because homeowners don’t like the appearance. With a completely empty house, it can be hard to tell. However, staging is conducted by interior design experts that know how to make a house look like someone’s dream house. In some cases, the staging itself can be what draws someone’s interest to a home—and this isn’t a bad thing! Sometimes it takes the right look to show off a home in style.

Staging To Help With Buyer Vision

With an empty home, it can be really difficult to see it as a home—even if it is a nice one. Homebuyers head out and seek their perfect vision of a home. Everyone is always looking for that perfect modern home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the vision to imagine it. Most people rely on sites like Instagram and Pinterest to help guide their vision—and staging can have the same effect. Using staging, you can help your buyer to see it as that picture-perfect home that they have been looking at online. But this time, it will be right in front of them!

Showing Off Potential With Staging

With staging, you can show people the potential of a house, which is crucial. Buyers want a home for what it can bring them—and staging allows you to show them that. While not everyone is an interior designer, people love designed homes. This is why, when you are looking at a model home, it has been staged instead of left empty. Staging can dazzle any visitors by showing them how they can make their house look. It won’t matter if they don’t have the materials or knowledge to make it happen themselves—though many will thanks to design becoming more approachable online! Still, with the right interior design touch, you can help your potential buyers see the home for what it can be, not just what they will make it.

Creating A More Approachable Home

The real benefit of staging is that it can make your home feel very warm and approachable. Empty houses can feel cold and unwelcoming—and buyers are lost because of this. When someone is shopping for a home, they generally want a welcoming space that will be appropriate for their version of a family—or even just themselves. When a home is empty, it can make the home feel lifeless and unloved. Worse, it makes the home feel vacant, which can really suck the heart out of a home.

Staging isn’t merely a matter of adding furniture to a home. These design experts will find themselves adding lights, paintings, and complete accessories. They will know how to bring vibrancy to an empty space—and this is very influential for buyers. By adding light, color, and warmth to a space, you can make your empty home dazzle any visitors. In many cases, these homes practically beg to be purchased—and buyers go for it!

Sell Your Home For More

Staging won’t just make your house more likely to sell. It can also offer some pretty big payoffs for the house itself. In many cases, homes sell for significantly higher if they have been staged. This all cycles back to potential. When potential buyers see what can be done with a space, it will make them reach for that potential—even if it comes at a higher price. Your buyers will be looking for that special place—and there is no way to make it more special than good design. When buyers see this and what the home can really be turned into, they will be more willing to pay extra for it. The value will be more clear to them when they see it in this light.

What About The Cost?

The boost in the overall sale price is important because it can also completely balance the cost of the staging itself. Staging does cost money, but it can be well worth it for this reason. In a lot of cases, you will make your money back completely. Sometimes, you might even end up making more back than you spent in the first place. It is an upfront investment that can turn to very real revenue after the fact.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to sell your home quickly or you just want to improve the sales price, staging can be a really great option. It is a simple hands-off process that can truly yield some significant benefits down the line, particularly for those who are struggling to make a sale. With the right interior design touch, it is surprisingly easy to win over potential buyers and show them that your house really is their dream house.


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